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Thursday, 07 January 2016 00:00

Well-known moneylender Pamela Bennett—Cumberbatch was killed along with an octogenarian during the New Years holiday weekend in a traffic accident on the Northern Highway. That double fatality happened as a second accident which happened on the very same day near the very same portion of the highway. This accident happened at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, January 3 between miles 5 and 6, around a curve.

80 year-old Alfredo Navarrete was driving in his Grey Dodge Caravan, and he was heading from his house in Burrell Boom Village to Belize City. His intention was to meet up with some relatives for the day. His family has told the press that he has a reputation being a very careful driver, who does not speed on the highway. They think that because the accident happened right after a curve, he most likely did not see the other vehicle coming. That other vehicle was a white Toyota Tundra Pick-up truck which was being driven at that time by Belize City resident, Calvin Cumberbatch. His wife, Pamela Bennett Cumberbatch, a well-known moneylender from Caesar Ridge Road, was in the passenger seat. They were on their way to Sandhill Village on business.

Those two vehicles collided head-on into each other with such force that it mashed in the front portions of both, and it sent the white Pickup barreling into a tree near the edge of the river where it flipped over unto its roof. It is believed that both Pamela Bennett—Cumberbatch and Alfredo Navarrete died on impact, or shortly afterwards from the terrible head and body injuries that they suffered.

Calvin Cumberbatch had to be rushed the KHMH in a very critical condition. He remains there while he is being treated, and as soon as he recovers, police want to question him about what happened on the road to cause the accident.

There was another accident which happened 3 hours before that deadly collision in the very same area. A blue Ford Escort, which was being driven by 27 year-old Marvin Ramirez, crashed into a purple Chevy Equinox, which was being driven by 30 year-old Andre Gordon. Police believe at this time that the Escort was in the wrong lane at the time of the accident.