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Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

Out in the world, there are many different types of people who believe in different ideas and who seem to appear vastly different compared to us. Currently many people fail to comprehend that though we appear to be different, we share so many characteristics with these people around the vastly incredible world. We all perform very similar routines to carry out our daily lives, and most importantly all of us share similar thoughts. All 7 billion of us love to smile, laugh, and have someone to love who also loves us. We all want to be someone and find happiness and we all are human beings who share the desire to become more in life and succeed.

We as a world society must never lose sight of this idea. But sadly, it is deteriorating because people are choosing to ignore these principles that every person in the world possess. We start to lose sight that everyone is a human being who wants to find happiness in another's love. We start to judge people by their race and belief and only associate one type of personality to a set group. Because humans act more on ignorance than understanding, we create differences amongst us in society, and in return, we create boundaries between ourselves that make us believe that we are very different from the other.

This is why society today is falling apart; we are losing the capability to understand  the true laws of humanity that all 7 billion of us posses. We are stereotyping people that we have never met. We are letting one group of a society ruin our view of the world and how incredible it is. We tend to find ourselves believing more negatives about people and the world than that of positives.
There are 7 billion people, think about how many out of these 7 billion people you know and how many more incredible people are still out around the world for you to discover. It is time that we become more open towards the world and begin to accept each other for who we are. Lets not let our beliefs or personality separate us but bring us closer because in the end, we are all human beings and are capable of greatness in this world.