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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

A family of 7 from Scotland Halfmoon Village became homeless after a fire which was believed to have been set by a man certified to be mentally ill.

33 year-old Denise Lodge told investigators that on Saturday, January 23, at around 6:45 p.m., she left her home, a wooden bungalow house, to go visit her sister-in-law, who lives in the same village. She returned less than half hour later and found her home completely engulfed in flames.

The Fire Department did everything they could to put the fire out, but by that time, the house was in the free-burn stage. When the fire was gotten completely under control, Lodge’s family of 7, including her 4 children, had lost everything in the blaze.

Shortly after the fire, police went looking for the main arson suspect, and in the process of detaining him, he injured 2 on-duty cops. It was later revealed that he is certified as mentally unwell, and so, even though he is believed to be the one who lit the house on fire, he will not face any charges for it. He’s also not going to be criminally charged for injuring police while resisting arrest.

Lodge is asking for assistance from the public in trying to recover from the fire, and she’s hoping that any readers moved to try to mitigate their discomfort might help her replace her children’s school books and uniforms, especially. She can be contacted at +501-630-2183.