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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

Alexander Garcia, 45, is lucky to be a free man after he pleaded guilty to beating up his 16-year-old daughter in a drunken rage. Allegations made by the minor is that around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 21, she was at home in bed sleeping when her father came and woke her up to ask the whereabouts of her mother who was not at home. The child said she told her father that she didn’t know where her mother was and that was when he slapped her to the right side of her face with two books he had in his hand. The father then grabbed her by the neck and began to choke her. The minor’s uncle intervened and encouraged her to report the matter to police. Garcia was arrested and charged for his actions.

Garcia was unrepresented when he appeared in court before Magistrate Carlos Mendoza on Friday, January 22. He still appeared to be under the influence when he appeared in court and pleaded guilty to the offense of harm upon his teenaged daughter. Garcia told the court that he was sorry for his action and disappointed in himself for behaving like that. Though he blames the alcohol for his actions, Garcia conceded that there is no excuse for such behaviour. 

With a stern warning, Magistrate Mendoza imposed a fine of $500 upon Garcia. The Magistrate told him to make sure it never happens again because such domestic abuse he has zero tolerance for. Garcia has until March 29 to pay the fine or serve three months imprisonment.