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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

Around 5:30 pm on Sunday when the buzz around the Belmopan Comprehensive School ground started to sound like Francis was about to go down in defeat at the hands of Johnny and some may say at the hands of Johnny/Cordel, (we think those persons may be right on target too , because he took the votes that Francis would have got from those persons who would have chosen Francis over Johnny had it been a 2 man race); the buses started to roll out. Many of the delegates and other people who had been bused to Belmopan to support Team Francis were left stranded in Belmopan. Apparently their sin was that they had pulled a switch on Francis and his slate by changing uniforms. Some literally changed uniforms. The recruiting took place in plain view for all to see.

Some people collected from both sides and if one notices we don’t say three sides because more and more we are convinced that there were TWO sides but 3 candidates. We have spoken to several people who told us that they were left in Belmopan and had to hitch rides with friendly forces. Two Belize City young men in particular that we spoke to said they rode an Orange Walk  bus to the Boom cut-off, where they were picked up by a UDP friend whom they had called just after leaving Belmopan with the promise that they would pay for gas if he would pick them up.

They said they did not mind having to make their own arrangements to get home because they had money to do so and had new cell phones to call and make their own arrangements. The guy claims that they came up big at the convention after collecting from every candidate. For them it was Christmas in January. They said they only wish another Christmas would come this month.