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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

Two families living on Gristock Street in Orange Walk Town are trying to recover from the tragic loss of their loved ones. two teenaged boys, 19 year-old Erlindo Matura and 17 year-old Rene Acevedo both juniors - were gunned down and slain in a street-style, brazen broad-daylight murder.

It happened at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 1. Both young men were in the company of another young man, and they were walking on the street. They were reportedly heading to a friend’s house to pick up movies to watch on DVD. That’s when an assailant, who may be acquainted with the boys, pretended to get information from them. He reportedly rode up to the 3 and asked them where he could buy marijuana. The victims reportedly responded to his question, and that’s when the young man went a short distance away. As soon as all 3 were had dismissed him as non-threatening, he pulled out a weapon and started firing hitting Erlindo Matura first. He shot Matura in the face, back and chest, while the other young men tried to flee.

The gunman then turned his attention to Rene Acevedo and shot him in the back of the head before he could make it out of eyesight. As soon as Acevedo fell dead on the ground, this shooter then fired several shots at the third young man, who’s name has not been released. He managed to escape unharmed, and immediately after that, the shooter fled down the street with residents chasing behind him. He allegedly wrested a bicycle from a nearby young lady, and rode off before anyone could corner him. Police have been canvassing the area, and they say that they have a general idea of the suspect they are looking for in this terrible crime.

No one knows for sure why these two young companions were killed, but according to police they had come in conflict with the law in the past. Both grieving families have been frank with the press, and they’ve acknowledged that they were investigated and charged by police before. But, each had a family who cared deeply about their wellbeing, and who are expecting police to try their best to get them justice for the victims.

Rene Acevedo’s mother, Lupita Rhaburn, is especially distressed because it’s her second son that she has lost in less than 6 months. In September 2015, her other son, 20 year-old Phillip Barrera Jr. was killed in an armed robbery attempt of Kephawn’s Pawn Shop. The owner of the business place shot him, allegedly in self-defense because Barrera tried to hold him at gunpoint to steal from him. His mother, Lupita Rhaburn, told the press that she is not proud of what her son is accused of doing, but she tried her very best to raise her sons to make the right decisions in life.