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Friday, 19 February 2016 00:00

Darrell Mayen, 21, is awaiting his fate after he was convicted of attempted murder by Justice Troadio Gonzalez in a trial without jury on Friday, February 12.  Mayen was accused of trying to kill Rafael Caceres, a 32-year-old tour guide, back in August of 2010.

The incident occurred on August 21, 2010, at the corner of Woodpecker Street and Fabers Road. Caceres was shot at several times but only one shot caught him in the back. The bullet left him crippled for life but he survived. During the trial, Caceres testified that he had just left a Chinese shop and was heading home walking on Woodpecker Street when he realized that someone was behind him. When he looked back he saw Mayen pointing a gun at him from a distance of seven to eight feet. Caceres began to run and Mayen opened fire. As he tried to jump over a fence, Caceres said he felt a burning sensation and knew that he had been shot. He fell to the ground and while he was lying there Mayen stood over him and fired four more shots at him. Caceres was able to positively identify Mayen as his shooter that day.

In defense, Mayen said that he was at home with his mother and sister watching television at the time of the incident. He called one witness, his mother Tanisha Cleland, who could only say that her son was at home on the night in question but could not say if he had left the house unknowing to her. Justice Gonzalez did not believe Mayen’s story and ruled that the prosecution had proved its case.
Sentencing has been deferred until Friday, February 19, when a mitigation plea will be heard on behalf of Mayen by his attorney, Oscar Selgado.