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Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

Police are investigating the killing of Frank Edwards Jr., 27 year-old fisherman from the San Mateo Area of San Pedro Town. Sometime around 9 last night a group of men arrived at his house one of whom had a shotgun and shot him. As he fell back into his house other men came up to him and opened fire on the injured Edwards. Reports are that he may have been shot as many as 40 times. The killers quickly ran off and made their getaway in a boat that was nearby.

Police have so far detained two men in the killing and are looking for others in this recent homicide in San Pedro.

Frank Edwards Jr. has a colorful past with numerous run-ins with the police where he was charged with numerous crimes including murder. Back in 2011 he was charged but acquitted in May of 2012 for the 2009 double murder of James Swan and Edward Gutierrez in San Pedro.

He was also charged with the April 2010 armed robbery and murder of Security Guard Steven Lopez at the Scotia Bank branch in Spanish Lookout. Two years later in March of 2012 he was acquitted of murder and in March of 2014 he got off the robbery charge as well.

In November of 2013 he was shot in the buttocks by Coast Guard personnel after they claimed that they came under fire as they approached a fishing camp in the Rocky Point area of San Pedro.