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Thursday, 03 March 2016 00:00

A joint forces patrol consisting members of the Coast Guard, Customs, and BDF soldiers has led to the detention of a Cuban, and the seizure of just over 8 kilograms of marijuana.

The patrol was on the move last night at the Santa Elena Border when they saw three suspicious men behind the Corozal Free Zone. They set chase, and the men fled the scene, abandoning several strange packages. The security forces were only able to catch one man who was in the area at the time of the chase, 42 year-old Cuban National Waldo Eugenio Bernal Pol.

When police cut open the packages, they discovered that they all contained marijuana, with a combined weight of 18 1/4 pounds. Waldo Eugenio Bernal Pol has been handed over to the Immigration Department, because the police aren’t sure that he’s one of the men who abandoned weed and fled.

Meanwhile Orange Walk police have managed to seize 16 more pounds of Marijuana after detaining 2 vehicles traveling from Corozal to Orange Walk town.

It happened at around 3:30 p.m. on, Wednesday, March 2, near the Bypass, in the vicinity of the Mameyal Curve, which is located between Orange Walk Town and San Jose Village. Acting on information, the police targeted 2 SUV’s, Gold Cadillac Escalade and a Mercedes Sedan, which tried to flee. The cops intercepted the vehicles and impounded them.

When police conducted a search on the 2 vehicles, they found 4 packages of marijuana carefully hidden in secret panels of the Escalade. When police weighed them, they found that the compressed marijuana weighed just over 7 kilograms, or 16 pounds. The vehicles have been held in police custody, and the drivers, are being questioned. It is expected that the driver of the Escalade may be facing drug trafficking charges.