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Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

The family 20 year-old Mario Trotman, had the worst possible news delivered to them on Tuesday, March 15, when his body was found dumped in the dyke area. That’s in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. He had been reported missing the day before by his relatives, and after police went searching for him, they found him floating in the canal’s waters with a gunshot injury to the head.

At this time, police believe that he was lured near that location by someone he trusted. His killer shot him in the head, and his body was disposed of. Nobody knows exactly why he was murdered in this fashion. The last his family saw of him, he was washing a vehicle belonging his stepfather. One of his best friends came by the house for him. The next thing they realized is that he didn’t come home, and that’s when they reported him missing to police. They became concerned when they heard that he had been killed.