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Thursday, 15 April 2010 00:00

Jose Cocom (captured), Terry Bainton, Juan Menendez, Jose Malgar and Dennis QuilterAuthorities at the Hattieville prison were forced to ‘lock down’ the Hattieville prison on Tuesday April 13th following disturbances in the remand section of the Jail. In speaking to Chairman of the Kolbe foundation which runs the correctional facility; he explained that sometime around 9 on Tuesday morning

prisoners in the remand section, some 200 inmates, began to create a ruckus inside their cells. Woods reports that the prisoners were shaking the cell doors, agitating for attention. Early reports were that a prisoner had been shot but Woods denied that allegation.

He also reported that the situation was not as out of control as it was billed to be adding that the move to evacuate civilian staffers from the prison compound was an overreaction in the part of the prison’s administrators. 
The Tuesday morning unrest came after 5 prisoners escaped from the prison on Monday just after midnight. The escapees included 30 year old Jose Luis Cocom, 30 year old Terry Bainton, 22 year old Jose Melgar, 35 year old Dennis Quilter, and 45 year old Juan Melendez. Woods says that the men, “made this little device to get through the locks on their cell doors and then they got out. I think it was two guys in one cell and then three guys in three cells and then they came out. They got out and they came out and they overpowered the one guard that was on duty and they got the keys from him for the main gate and then when they came out, they went over the fence and they were gone.

Since the escape Cocom was recaptured in Orange Walk on Tuesday Afternoon where he was found at the home of his sister Teresita Cocom in the Trial Farm Area. While one of the prisoners has been captured the search for the other prisoners continues. It is noteworthy that all of the escapees have escaped previously from the prison.