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Thursday, 15 April 2010 00:00

Kashif JefferiesVeteran broadcaster Esme Anderson joined the list of mothers grieving for their sons lost to violence when her 24 year old son, Kashif Jefferies, was murdered on Sunday afternoon. Jefferies who is a car dealer was scheduled to fly out to Houston on Sunday afternoon to purchase two vehicles which he would have driven back to Belize.  But Jefferies never made it to the airport because he was gunned down at around 1:10 pm while inside his parked Toyota 4-Runner on Levi Slusher

Street, in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area of Belize City.  He was talking to two female cousins when a heavily tinted green Ford Explorer pulled up.
There were two occupants in the Explorer, both reportedly brandishing silver nine millimeter guns. They exited with shirts concealing their faces and few words were exchanged; one report is that one of the gunmen told Jefferies, “I di look fi you long time.” With that they started firing.  Eleven gunshots were fired and a teary eyed Esme Anderson says she counted ten bullet holes on her son. 

She recalls frantically rushing to the hospital on Sunday afternoon after her daughter Giselle told her that Kashif had been shot. His death wasn’t on her mind, she was already planning to transfer him to a private hospital or even fly him out for her further medical treatment. But it was too late for Kashif.  When Anderson reached the hospital, she says, “the police said Ms. Anderson there is nothing we could do for your son. Kashif apparently died before he reached the hospital.” 

Like most mothers, Esme Anderson can’t think of why her son was gunned down since she didn’t know him to have enemies.  She explains, “I know that Kashif did not have any enemies….I can’t imagine to think what kind of person that, what kind of coward that, I don’t want to call him a person who would just up with a gun, shoot my son and take away his life.  That is ruthless, that is heartless, just take him outta this world forever.” Kashif was also the son of another veteran broadcaster, Trevor Jefferies.