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Thursday, 06 May 2010 00:00

Elisa ChanIn 2008, a Floor Supervisor working at the time at Smokey Mermaid Restaurant was the victim of a stabbing incident after she was attacked by a waitress who was employed at Celebrity Restaurant. The stabbing incident was as a result of jealousy as the victim may have been having a relationship with the ex-boyfriend of the accused. 
The supervisor, Kadija Castillo was stabbed multiple times to the hands, face and upper body with a knife but the 25-year-

old stabbing victim, Kadija Castillo, opted to not proceed with the case. Her attacker, positively identify by Castillo to be Elisa Chan was facing a term of 18 years to life behind bars but on Wednesday May 4th she was set free from attempted murder charges after the recovering victim Castillo has been able to forgive her for what she did almost 2 years ago.

On Tuesday at about 10:15 a.m., Castillo took the stand and after indicating to the crown council Christelle Wilson that she was there to testify in the case, she went to only inform the court that she wants no further court action.
In Castillo’s very own words she said to the court, “My name is Kadija Castillo. An unemployed of #7 Jaguar Avenue, Faber’s Road Extension.  I am sorry but don’t want to continue with this case.  I just chose so because in my eyes everybody makes mistakes.  The kind of person I am is a kind and forgiving person and I am just glad to be alive.  I don’t want any case.”
After hearing what the victim had to say, Justice Herbert Lord who was presiding over the case, instructed the jury of 9-5 women and 4 men to acquit Chan of the single charge of attempted murder. Chan who was represented in Court by Simeon Sampson was free to go.
On September 2, 2008, at about 10:00 p.m., Castillo claimed that she had just left work and was heading home to her Jaguar Avenue home in the Faber’s Road area of Belize City, when upon reaching at the corner of Lionel Tillett and Jaguar Avenue, she saw a vehicle stop in the area.  Castillo said she looked to the area where the car stopped and saw a 4-door black car and a Hispanic female exited.
She notices it was a woman known to her as the accused who she had known for over a year.  According to Castillo, Chan approached her and she uttered, “What’s that,” and that’s when she saw a knife in her right hand.  At that moment, fearing for her life, Castillo said she kicked Chan in her stomach area and she stumbled backwards.  But that did not stop Chan, who began to stab Castillo. As a result Castillo suffered injuries to her face, hand, and upper body.