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Thursday, 15 July 2010 00:00

Marquis MahlerEight-year-old Marquis Mahler, who was shot on Friday July 9 at number 40 Faber’s Road Extension in Belize City, was laid to rest on Wednesday July 14. The boy, along with 48-year-old Calvin Graham, was shot at around 12:15p.m. Graham was riding his bicycle in the area and was returning to his work with a sanitation crew when a gunman pulled up in a car and opened fire on him with what is believed to be an AK-47. Upon seeing the gunman, Marquis began shouting “gunman”,

and that is when the shooter turned his attention and his weapon on the 8-year-old and pulled the trigger.

While Graham died shortly after the shooting, the young boy who received gunshots to the right chest area, the left lower buttocks, the right thigh and the right arm succumbed to his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Saturday July 10. By all accounts, the victims were not necessarily the intended target for the gunman since Graham is described as a hardworking father of seven.

Reports are, however, that the shooting is as a result of a hit ordered by a gang lord who lives in the area. Information suggests that there has been an ongoing ‘beef’ between the gang lord and one of the residents at #40 Faber’s Road. On April 26, a gunman made his way to the same home and opened fire with a machine gun shooting as many as 22 shots into the area. Cecil Lewis was injured to the foot during that shooting incident.