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Thursday, 15 July 2010 00:00

Andres BaileyA 7-year-old boy of Northern Belize had to be hospitalized and placed under anesthesia while he was being examined after a teenage boy sexually molested him.

On Thursday June 8, after more than a year of abuse, the child-predator was identified as 18-year-old Andres Bailey. He was unrepresented when he appeared before Chief Magistrate, Margaret Gabb-McKenzie where he was arraigned on three

counts; one count of committing an unnatural crime upon the 7-year-old boy, one count of aggravated assault and one count of grievous harm.

No plea was taken and the Chief Magistrate explained to him that the matter will be dealt with on indictment. She explained to him that at a given date there will be a preliminary inquiry into the matter, and if there is sufficient evidence, the matter will be committed to the Supreme Court for trial and that’s where a plea will be taken from him.

The charges are bailable offenses, but the court prosecutor, Sgt. Carol Tucker, objected to bail on the grounds that there is a likelihood that he may interfere with the child while out on bail. Due to the seriousness of the crime and due to the tender age of the boy, the Chief Magistrate upheld the prosecutor’s objection and remanded Bailey to the Hattieville Prison until September 18.

In a report to police on Friday July 2, the boy told police that he had been sexually molested on June 25. He claimed that sometime in the evening, while in the care of his mother, Andres called him inside his aunt’s room where he had sex with him.

The child also told authorities about another incident which occurred on June 24, 2009; a day he remembers well since it was his Aunt’s birthday.  He said that his step-father told him to go get his tennis from out of a truck that was parked on the street side. While he was getting the tennis, he saw Andres who called him over, but he said he told Andres that he was going inside first to take the tennis then he would come back. Upon his return, Andres took him into the truck on a bed and that’s where he molested him with his finger. The child said that Andres covered his mouth and when he was done, he told him that if he told anyone he would beat him badly every time he sees him. According to the child, Andres Bailey molested him on several occasions.

Since the report was made, the child had to be hospitalized and placed under anesthesia to be examined by a doctor who confirmed that he was indeed molested. The doctor observed that there was chronic anal penetration and classified the child’s injuries as dangerous harm.