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Thursday, 21 October 2010 00:00

Jason Anderson, Darren Banner, Aracelli Cahueque and Brandon BudranOn October 8, 18-year-old Raylene Dyer of Belize City disappeared along with her three month old baby girl, Ravonna Dyer. The child was later found in Ontario Village at the home of another family who had been caring for the child as theirs after the child was brought to them by another woman. That woman is alleged to have stolen the child and police investigations has now led them to believe that the mother is a victim of foul play. They have since charged three persons for murder while the kidnapper was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court and charged with child stealing.

Late in the evening of Monday October 18, 21-year-old Darren Banner, a construction worker of Roaring Creek Village, along with 20-year-old Jason Anderson, also of Roaring Creek, and 24-year-old UB student, Brandon Budran were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb-Mckenzie. The three men were charged jointly with the murder of Raylene Dyer which is alleged to have occurred on October 8, the day she disappeared. The charge of murder against the men came despite the fact that the body of Raylene Dyer has still not been found. Police, however, has information that suggests she was killed. Due to the nature of the offense, no plea was taken and the men were informed that at a given date in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, there will be a preliminary inquiry held and if there is sufficient evidence, their case will be committed to the Supreme Court for trial.

While the three men were charged with murder, the woman who is believed to have orchestrated the disappearance of both the child and mother, 19-year-old Aracelli Cahueque, was charged with one count of child stealing. In court the prosecutor, Sgt. Egbert Castillo, objected to bail on the grounds that the matter which led to Cahueque being charged is one which was closely linked to a murder and that the police are presently still investigating the matter. According to Castillo, more charges are pending against the four accused. He added that if Cahueque is granted bail there is a strong possibility that she may interfere with the police investigation and it is for her own safety that she be remanded since the relatives of the deceased are grieving and are annoyed by the gruesome act.

The Chief Magistrate noted that while Cahueque felt that she should get bail since she promised not to interfere with the prosecution witnesses since she has no reason to, she must consider the deceased and her relatives and that since the charge before the court is a very serious offense, she will be denied bail in the first instance. According to Cahueque, while being detained by police, she was threatened by the three men charged for Dyer’s murder. She says she now fears for her life as the men has told her that they will come after her and her family if she talks against them.

The three men who were remanded to Hattieville Prison are due back in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on November 17 while Cahueque is due back in that same court on November 26. There was no plea taken from Cahueque or the three men.
It is believed that on October 8, Raylene Dyer, 18, was taken by force to Belmopan by the three men, after which Cahueque took Dyer’s three month old baby for herself. It is alleged that Cahueque had told her boyfriend that she was pregnant and orchestrated the stealing of the child to give to her boyfriend since she was never really pregnant. We understand that the baby girl’s name had already been changed to Lenisha Jadacey Gillette, a name which was given to her by Cahueque before she left the child with the Gillett family in Ontario.
Police continue the search for Dyer’s body and believe that she met her death on the Valley of Peace Road in the Cayo area, a place used to slaughter and a place where crocodiles live.