Okeke gets $3000 from Ernesto Vasquez and $4200 from Kenrick Burns Print E-mail
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Thursday, 30 July 2009 13:10

A disappointed Steven Okeke visited the Guardian newspaper to say there is much to be desired in the nature of some people after having been forced to drag at least two persons to court for payment of moneys which are owed to him.

In the first instance, Okeke received a judgement of 3,000 dollars against Ernesto Vasquez from whom he purchased a three door cooler but which never functioned properly.

He appeared in court number three, where on July 15, the magistrate ordered that Vasquez pay Okeke 300 dollars a month starting on the 30 July

until the debt is paid.

In the second instance, again in court number three, Okeke received judgement against Kenrick Burns who had borrowed a total of 4,600 dollars from Okeke in July 2008 for the repair of a vehicle and other family expenses. Okeke says Burns never paid him and was forced to go to court. Again Okeke received judgment in his favour and Burns is now to pay 4,200 dollars at 250 dollars a month until the debt is settled. Burns disputes owing Okeke the additional 400 dollars and the two are to return to court for the settlement of that loan.

In speaking with Okeke, he says he has become skeptical and weary of people coming to him with business proposals or those seeking financial assistance.