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Thursday, 06 August 2009 11:49

Rushane AndrewinPolice won’t charge the man who shot an armed robber dead in his track on Friday afternoon.  The dramatic scene took place at high noon as the robber was sprinting to freedom at the heavily trafficked corner of Vernon and Mosul Streets on a normally bustling Friday.  It is despite all those variables that Rushane Andrewin, 22, armed with a gun, rushed into the yard where there were four men standing.

Andrewin allegedly confronted the surprised victims and waved a nine millimeter gun in the face of one of the men. He then grabbed the man’s gold chain, his gold bangles, two gold earrings, and his cell phone. Andrewin hopped back onto his

bicycle which he parked a short distance away and was about to dash for freedom when his victim became the aggressor. 

The Deputy Officer in Charge at the Crimes Investigations Branch in Belize City Sgt. Hilberto Romero says, “The victim then pulled out his licensed firearm and hollered “freeze” to the male person. He told him to stop and hand back his properties, at which time, the deceased pulled out his nine millimeter pistol and pointed it at the victim, at which time the victim fired shots at him.”  Police won’t say how many shots were fired, but six shells were recovered.  They were called to the scene and the shooter surrendered himself. He was taken to the police station and Andrewin was rushed to the KHMH where he died while undergoing treatment.  The shooter, whose name police aren’t releasing, was detained on Friday but subsequently released without being charged. The case file had been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a directive. 

Andrewin has been charged twice for murder. He was charged for the May 2007 murder of Meldrick Flowers and in September of that year he was charged for the murder of Curlin Felix. The case for Meldrick Flowers was nolle pros after the main witness was unavailable to testify.  In the Curlin Felix trial, the case was thrown out because of a lack of evidence.