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Thursday, 30 October 2014 00:00

Ladyville resident, Ron Haylock, 37, is in jail for going on a shopping spree after he found John Hun’s lost debit card.

According to police, Hun lost his visa debit card on October 12 and sometime between October 12 and October 19 Haylock found it and went on a shopping spree. Haylock used the card on four different occasions: sums of $110, $65.60, $200 and $405. He signed as Hun on each occasions. He also managed to draw cash in the sums of $441, $25, $550 and $1,456.

Haylock appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano on Monday, October 27, where he was read four counts of forgery and five counts of theft. In court, Haylock was unrepresented and pleaded guilty to all nine counts. Magistrate Cayetano deferred sentencing until Wednesday when he was sentenced to 4 - 2 year jail terms for four counts of forgery. The sentences are to run concurrently. He also saw theft charges dismissed by Magistrate Cayetano.

Before sentencing Haylock appeared to have a change of heart in keeping his guilty plea.  In an explanation, he told the magistrate, “I had given Officer McCullock a statement in the matter and I had told the BDF soldier that I would pay him back all the money I spent.  But they wanted me to pay back more than I took.” With that, Magistrate Cayetano asked him why did he plea guilty and asked him if he wanted to take back his plea, but Haylock maintained he was guilty of the offense. He said, “I only found the card in Green Jades Restaurant and I decided to use it to buy some things for my son and myself then I had a little party for a friend.”