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Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

Police are accusing Jane Usher Boulevard resident, Shawn Palacio, of resisting arrest, assault upon a police officer and obstruction of justice after he allegedly grabbed an amount of weed out of an officer’s hands and threw it into a canal.

According to reports, police was conducting a search on Palacio’s Jane Usher Boulevard home on Saturday, January 10, and found an amount of marijuana inside. Police say that Palacio snatched the drugs from the hands of PC Delton Mariano and ran out of the house. According to police, Palacio ran up the street to a nearby canal and three the marijuana into the body of water. Palacio was arrested and charged with resisting lawful arrest, assaulting PC Mariano and obstruction of justice.

Palacio was unrepresented in court when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Monday, January 12. He pleaded guilty to obstruction but not guilty to the other two charges. Sentencing was deferred to a later date since trial will proceed on the other two charges. There was no objection to bail which was granted to Palacio in the sum of $1,500 plus one surety of the same amount. Shawn Palacio is due back to court in March.