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Thursday, 12 March 2015 00:00

A Preliminary Inquiry (PI) in the case against Chryslin Gladden’s, 16, accused killers, Clement Bol, 23, and Ashley Meighan, 17, concluded before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on Tuesday, March 10, with a commitment to stand trial in the June session of the Supreme Court.

There were a number of statements given in the case against Meighan and Bol Jr., including a statement from a 17-year-old minor who placed both of them at the murder scene. According to that statement, Meighan and Bol Jr. were the two persons who he saw in the company of Chryslin. The witness told police that he saw Bol Jr., holding down Gladden while Meighan herself inflicted several stab wounds to her face and body. The prosecutor, Cpl. Christopher Smith is also relying heavily on a statement that Meighan gave police before she was a suspect in the murder that helped the police to link her to the murder. Meighan is being represented by attorney Ellis Arnold who has not challenged any of the prosecution’s evidence in the PI phase. Chief Magistrate Smith ruled that the prosecution has made a prema facie case against the accused and committed them to trial at the Supreme Court in June of this year. 

16 year-old Chryslin Gladden was violently killed on Friday night, August 1, 2014. She was stabbed to death in the Lord Ridge Cemetery, and her body was left for others to find in a manner that her human dignity was taken away. Police later charged Meighan, a former classmate and friend of Gladden, and her boyfriend Clement Bol Jr.

Gladden had recently graduated from the Wesley High School, and she was getting ready to attend the University of Belize. On Friday, August 1, she told her family that she would be going out with friends when she left her house. A little over 11 hours later, police found her body in the Lord Ridge Cemetery. She had multiple stab wounds to the face and neck. The suspected murder weapon, a bloody knife with ten-inch blade, was found about 200 yards away from her body. They also found a flask of alcohol. Police believed that jealousy and hatred was the motive behind her murder. Following the discovery of the body, hundreds of students and graduates of Wesley College, along with Gladden’s family and friends, marched through the streets of Belize City. They held a candle light vigil in her name, hoping to inspire peace for the sake of an innocent life lost.