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Thursday, 07 January 2016 00:00

Tuesday morning past a caller to Wave TV attempted to chastise the hosts during a period when the two gentlemen were discussing the PUP’s list of delegates for their upcoming national convention. The caller angrily demanded that Wave stay out of PUP business, and to stop “slander” the PUP leadership candidates.

If the caller would take a quick peek around at most of the other media outlets, he would get even angrier, since several political pundits on those radio and television stations are too discussing the PUP’s unfolding, public drama leading up to January 31. So what is it about the politics of the PUP that seems to attract so much attention?

One theory which older people like me hold is that for decades the PUP was the most powerful political Party in our country and it operated under a strict code of silence. All local news were carefully censored, and we only heard from Ministers during House meetings. This cabal type of Government gave the Ministers an aura of supremacy over the common man, and they were held in sort of reverence. To see them now as mere human beings with all their imperfections of arrogance, pride and greed makes for good entertainment.

But the PUP as a Party should never be taken lightly. Even in its darkest hour, even with internal splits that rip them right down the middle, they can still easily muster a minimum of 40% of the popular vote. Or even come close to winning, as what happened in the 2012 Generals.

However, as I mentioned previously, the drama which continues to unfold within the PUP hierarchy these days adds flavor to otherwise dull and depressing evening news. We see the main players in the PUP flexing their muscles and oiling their machinery as they vie for the coveted seats of power in their Executive. You see, In addition to the post of Party Leader, there will be several other contested seats in the corridors of power at Independence Hall, and they want in.

Many pundits had thought that the landscape would have changed with the advent of a big, blue convention, but the contestants remain the same old, same old. Fonseca should have stayed away –he has already taken two bites at the apple, and did worse the second time around.  Calls from PUP supporters to revamp and renew the Party has fallen on deaf ears. The old guard, like members of the Politburo in the former USSR, will not let go of the leash that is tethered to the feeding trough.

Personally I would have wanted the young Musa to contest for Leader, and to have won. This would have given favorable odds for a fourth UDP term. Then again, the UDP will have its own challenge at that time to choose an acceptable leader, so I won’t count those chickens yet. Interesting times for our country, no?