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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

It seems that some people believe that in Belize the only way to get across a point is to do the pantomime while railing up on TV. The masters of these regular theatrics are Y. Rosado, Gabb, Matura, Brackett and Greenwood. I tell you, these guys (and girl) are good. Traffic Torres and the Silva make up a distant second; this is because their voices are nauseating, and they turn people off when they yak off endlessly over the airwaves.

Before I continue, and if you probably haven’t deduced by now, let me tell you that I have been a supporter of the United Democratic Party for umpteen years. Not only because of the Party’s open frown on corruption, but also because I think that the UDP’s commitment to develop our country has always been on the forefront. When they have resources available, they apply these resources, for the most part, into making Belize and its citizens better off.

If you noticed I used the word “supporter” instead of the other adjective that some people, like Mr. Joe Briceño here in OW, claim that I am. My wife went to visit this gentleman a few weeks ago since he is ill (she is a distant cousin).While Mr. Briceño was introducing his family to her, he asked them if they knew her husband (me). He was incredulous when they said no, and mentioned that I was a UDP “fanatic” who wrote in the Guardian each week. Anyway, Mr. Briceño is not feeling well and I wish him a speedy recovery. After all, we are both born and raised Orange Walkeños, and I wish sickness on no human being no matter who they are or what they call me.

I digressed too far, I guess, but I had to say what I said so you know why I am ready to stand up for the UDP. So now back to Y. Rosado, the rail-up man. This man was really going off on TV Tuesday night about a trade license for his son’s business. Look man, making an angry appearance on TV and blaming the UDP for all your personal problems will not get you a solution, you know. What will help you is to do the right thing by following established regulations.

Everybody knows that one must apply for a trade license before opening one’s business. This is not only for taxation purposes, but it also allows municipal authorities to review the application and decide if the proposed venture is adequate for the location. For example, you will not be given a bar license near a school, so if you open one, it will be closed no matter how many tearful appearances you make on TV.

On the same subject of Rosado, earlier this very week (or was it late last week) he was doing the Rumpelstiltskin dance about another tour guide operation. As usual, he never fails to blame the UDP for all his personal problems. He even blamed the Government for him being short! As to the tour guide issue, Rosado and his side kick actor, Greenwood, should take the matter to court if they so strongly believe that the BTB is exercising preferential business practices to foreign tour operators. My last word to him is that from out here sitting in front of the tube, we can see you, but we can’t help you. Take care, my brother.

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