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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

The budget presentation on Tuesday 8 March gave rise to much discussions on the talk shows this morning, especially at PUPS TV in Belmopan. I was watching them a little while and noticed that the usual demagoguery is fully back into play. Wade did not have his regular co-host today, but he had bob and weave Torres, which resulted in significant losses to Smart since the latter did not need to call in to the show, being on it and all.

After tuning in, I set the timer on my phone and in 3 minutes 18 seconds flat Don Silva broke his protracted silence and phoned in to make his usual irrelevant and dim comments. No one listens to or cares about Silva’s opinions anymore, if they ever did. He has turned himself into a windbag; full of obsolete ideas and observations. I can’t even offer criticism on what he said this morning since frankly I don’t even recall what he said.

Owner and main host Wade was in his usual attack mode, which today centered on the Auditor General. I submit that this gentleman is on a relentless crusade against all which the United Democratic Party has done, is doing and plans to do, and has allowed this fixation to gain control of his life. Mr. Wade is so filled with rancor for the UDP that he freely throws around disrespect and ridicule on Public Servants who are simply engaged in the administration of our country’s affairs. To him, no Government employee is doing his or her job properly if the job is not done his way.

I want to leave Wade in his wallow and move on to the man who loves the limelight second only to one other person (guess who). I make reference in the above sentence to our great, new “hero”, Señor Maheia. Now this gentleman craves attention so dearly, and dreams of being Prime Minister so loftily that the unpredictable consequences of his quests matters none to him.

Some people may, shrouded in cloaks of patriotism, decide to label me as a traitor, but I will not deter in saying I cannot support the objectives of the BTV in creating an atmosphere of tension and danger along our Southern border. There exists a living, breathing claim against our country by a bully neighbor who is intent in stirring up strife so as to find an excuse to bring harm to our country and its citizens. We should not provide kindling for Guatemala’s sinister intentions.

I never did previously hold a conviction with taking our case to the international courts, but now, with these provocations being initiated by our “bold” politicians, I really have to lean towards supporting a judicial settlement. Negotiations have been with us for decades, and has brought us no closer to settlement, and now Maheia believes that planting trees and taunting the aggressor with Belizean flags will either soften their hearts or make them quiver in fear. This political philosophy tethers on foolishness.

Look, there is nothing wrong with Maheia’s ambition to be PM one day - I applaud him for his aspiration - but I don’t appreciate the idea of using the Guatemalan issue to propel himself into office. In my humble opinion, he is putting our country at risk. You see, if one crazy person makes a mistake, on either side of the border, which results in cannons booming and planes dropping bombs, then we will be in deep doodu.

The rest of the world has its hands full with wars in the Middle East and the growing incidences of terrorism. I don’t see anyone placing significant worry about little Belizein sending troops to defend us. I know that William Braveheart has asked that all Belizeans be prepared to take up arms and defend our country, but such romantic ideals are easier said than done, especially in a country where we have no experience with wars. I prefer having cooler, mature minds dealing with this national issue. Take care.