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Written by By Lesvi V.   
Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00

School is where we spend most of our time growing up. We meet friends, gain experience and most importantly learn.  So it is interesting to actually think that the place you spend more time at is the place where you may find yourself uncomfortable or stressed at times. A school consists of a body of teachers. They are two types of teachers: teachers who are nice and don’t break your peace of mind with the work they assign and teachers who are not compassionate and just break your peace of mind with everything they do.

Yes there are teachers that are nice, good and understanding with students. Some teachers are so nice you feel a connection.  A teacher that can interact and have the class attention because everyone is comfortable is what I think a classroom should be like. Many students find it best learning with someone that keeps a friendly smooth class. It’s like doing hard work while having fun.  A good teacher not only knows the content, but understands how it relates to life. A good teacher is the one that motivates you and captures your attention instead of bringing you down. There are many ways to motivate students. Once a student is motivated and interested they will get work done because instead of it being seen as work it is seen as something that benefits them and is interesting. I can recall having a math teacher who was also our homeroom teacher in primary school where if as a class we did well on our tests and behaved as what he expected, he would make us have a little class party for homeroom period. He would teach us and push us with work but we had fun while doing it so it was not a problem. When homeroom period came we all had fun because that was how he motivated us. This is the sense of nuance in understanding why intrinsic motivation works, but also understanding the complexity of what drives us to do what we do. It’s the ability to see behaviors and habits alongside deep human drives.

Just like how there are nice teachers there are also teachers that secretly conspire to make a day horrible from what it already is. These teachers are somewhat antisocial and unfriendly. They kill students with the amount of material they try to teach in one class. Some of these teachers don’t literally bring you down but they do with the material they teach and homework they assign. They don’t realize that sometimes they really overload students with homework. These teachers may inspire and motivate students to pay attention and do well in their subject, but at times even this fails. Some material could be thought over and over but once the brain doesn’t processes it simply makes students get irritated and numb. At times the student may understand the material but yet fails when the test comes. It is as if the school may have this little grudge on the individual. The constant quizzes and assignments are no joke. Many students would agree that at some point homework, tests and projects have ruined many people’s freedom and peace of mind. They fail to recognize that students wish to learn but not to be tortured. The best way in which a student can learn is with someone that gives them that sense of comfort and boost of self esteem. How can there be peace of mind with a teacher whose class is feared, whose material is hard to grasp, and who simply is not friendly. All human beings crave to have a bit of fun and freedom in everything they do.

School is where most humans spend more than half their lives in. Teachers have great responsibilities as well as students but at times these responsibilities get out of hand and this is where the problem comes in. Teachers can break students’ peace of mind in so many ways whether intentionally or not.