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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

Experts from the Ministry of Health consider it purely coincidental that two female students from San Ignacio Town have committed suicide in exactly two weeks from each other.  Investigators are still perplexed, but sometime early on Monday of this week, 15 year old Meisy Amada Polanco, a third form student from Sacred Heart College decided to take her own life. Her mother 35 year old Andrea Claudia Polanco had woken up and did not find her inside the room, so she and her son began to make checks inside the house located in the Cahal Pech area. The last time that Andrea Polanco had seen her daughter alive was at 1:40 am when she had gotten up to use the bathroom. After continuous search, to their shock they discovered her hanging on the branch of an avocado tree about seven feet from off the ground. Both mother and her 12 year old son immediately brought down the body of Meisy Polanco, but she had already passed away. A search in the immediate area by investigators, led them to a fragmented note that had to be pieced together to obtain coherence. Andrea Polanco had suspected Meisy to have had a relationship, but was unaware on whether the relationship was rocky. Andrea Polanco had slapped and scolded Meisy Polanco on January 8, 2016.

The body of the teen was transferred from the San Ignacio Hospital morgue to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Morgue on Tuesday for a post mortem examination, which has revealed asphyxia by hanging.

Police continue to question the family of Meisy Polanco in an attempt to discover whether she had problems at home or at school. In her last posting on facebook at 7:34 on January 24th  she states: “Your words cut deeper than a knife”,,,,’I’ll be the one that u you remember’”, then she continued by typing “ # im_so_gone”

The San Ignacio Police Formation is taking a proactive approach by activating its Community Policing and Domestic Units to visit schools, in an attempt to converse with students and to listen to their problems. There are currently a psychiatric nurse practitioner, psychologist and psychiatrist on the ground in an attempt to ease the pain from this second suicide in exactly two weeks. Both the Ministry of Health and Education have this time also teamed up in reaching out to those immediately affected by this latest suicide.  Both Ministries are taking an international approach to confronting suicide in an attempt not to “…generate panic in the community,” explains an expert from the Ministry of Health.

On 12th January 2016 about 7:45 pm, information was also received of a suspected suicide and as a result San Ignacio Police visited the Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena Town, where the doctor showed the police the lifeless body a female on a bed motionless whose name was learnt to be Abigail Jeane Pott, 15 years, Belizean student of San Ignacio Town. The teenager’s guardian,  Estella Pott, a 64 year-old Belizean of the same address, reported that on the 12th January 2015 about 6.00 pm she was at home preparing supper for her two granddaughters namely Abigail Pott and her sister Leila Pott. After preparing supper she sent Leila to inform Abigail that supper was ready; however Leila could not enter the room as the door could not open. A few minutes after Estella’s older daughter Estella Pech knocked the room door as well, but again all here attempts were fruitless. Estella then peeped through a window and saw Abigail Pott hanging from a white and blue rope tied to her neck, which was attached to a board that was placed in the attic in the room.  Immediately after, they forcefully got in the room and let loose of the rope from Abigail’s neck, but she was already dead. The body was taken to the La Loma Luz Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. Marvin Camal. Investigators in processing the scene where the suicide had taken place searched a school bag and found a suicidal note and letter inside.