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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

After just over 2 and a half months in Richmond, Virginia, in which he was gifted with life-saving medical treatment, Newborn Gismael Aban, who’s parents are from the Corozal District, is back home in Belize.

He was in danger of losing his life due to a birth defect called esophageal atresia. Its a medical condition in which he was born without the tube which connects the mouth to the stomach. Normally, according to the medical experts, this condition causes newborn infants to die a slow painful death in which the baby chokes on his/her saliva. The other situation is that the infant starves to death because he or she cannot ingest food, and therefore cannot consume nutrients.

In this particular case, the Belize Chapter of World Pediatric Project teamed up with the doctors at KHMH to get in contact with the doctors at the Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital. They were almost immediately convinced that Baby Gismael Aban’s life was being threatened every day that there was a delay. The Doctors at VCU Hospital sent a private jet for the child on December 26, 2015, a mere 8 days after he was born. He arrived in Virginia, where these world-class doctors performed the surgery to correct the problem, by creating that tube to connect the mouth and the stomach. A few days later, he was placed in observation to ensure that there would be no medical complications and after about 6 weeks or so of observation, the doctors approved his return back to Belize.

He arrived on Saturday, March 5 at the PGIA to an emotional homecoming. His parents were visibly relieved that their son’s life had been saved. This sort of medical intervention was estimated at approximately 1 million dollars in travel and medical expenses. Gismael Aban’s life was saved, completely expense free. The doctors provided the service pro-bono.