Lotto Winner Travels $1,000 per Mile Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 20 May 2010 00:00

Carmela LennanTropical Gaming Company’s Lotto license expired on February 24, 2009. Lotto players had to wait through almost two months of contract negotiations to play their favourite game. A ten year contract was signed on Tuesday, April 6, and the first draw was held on Saturday, April 16. 

It was a difficult time for Lotto players but for one 62-year-old resident of San Ignacio Town it was worth the wait. Carmela Lennan says she has been playing Lotto since it started in Belize. She and her husband usually buy four tickets, four quick picks and one with numbers of their own. They bought the usual five tickets for Wednesday, May 12, drawing of $72,500. Lennan has won three and four numbers multiple times before and when she heard the numbers on Wednesday she knew she had some of them. However, because she did not hear the numbers clearly, she did not know exactly how much she had on her ticket. It was not until Saturday when her husband, Theo, and adopted daughter, Monique, went to the market that they brought the numbers to her that she was able to check. When Lennan cross checked the winning numbers with one of her quick pick tickets she saw that all five matched, 04-22-23-28-30. She said, “I won the Lotto.” Though Monique did not initially believe, that did not stop Lennan from hugging her and dancing- a very deserving winner.

Lennan is loved by her neighbours on Bullet Tree Road. She has seven grown children who are already on their own. She has two adopted children with her who are both 20-year-olds. Anyone in the neighbourhood can go to her for food. She said, “They are all my children. I tell them to come to me whenever they are hungry- do not thief.” Lennan is truly a Good Samaritan. She jokes that her husband often asks, “Did you leave food for me too?” 

She travelled a little over 72 miles to the office of Tropical Gaming Company to claim her prize after winning the $72,500 jackpot. After tax she took home $61,625. With the money she will do some repairs on her house and give some to a charitable organization.