Mothers are Killing Their Own Sons Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 20 May 2010 00:00

It is sad that occurrences of shootings and other forms of violent crimes have become the norm in the lives of Belize City residents. It has also become common practice to blame the Commissioner of Police, Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister of Belize, in that very order, for every shot fired by a gangster. That is understandable- the blame comes with their position. However, it is time to look at the individuals who have the most influence on crime. These are whom I call “Shatta Moms”.

These mothers are immediately responsible for the murders of our young people today. In the media we encounter them often. They are women who lie to the police when they come looking for their son. Last week there was incident where a 14-year-old girl was shot while inside her home. The target was another minor who has allegedly been involved in other shootings. While investigating the shooting of the girl, police realized that the intended target is an individual who they have been searching for. They instructed him to go put on a shirt because they’re taking him to the station. The mother was angry. She asked, “Why are you taking him? It is him they shot after!” The police responded, “Mom, didn’t I come to you the other day asking where he was and you told me you didn’t know?” The woman did not respond. Her son was wanted for the murder of 27 year old owner of Alwin's restaurant Zhennong Zhen in Santa Elena. This happens so often. Mothers lie about the whereabouts of their sons. By doing this they are helping him to kill or get killed. His mere presence in the neighbourhood could have caused that innocent 14-year-old to lose her life.

Shatta Moms are mothers who enjoy the proceeds of illegal activities. Their son has never had a job in his life but is living an extravagant lifestyle. She asks no question because he pays the bills; provides the food and fixes up the house. She doesn’t care that the money is most likely from drugs or robberies and she doesn’t think about the people who are suffering because of the activities her son is involved in. There are times when she sees her son with a gun and though she might scold him about brining it into the house she would never report him to police. She would hear her son and his friends talking about a move they pulled off or a hit they executed and though she may not be proud of it she would never report her son to the authorities. Therefore she commits all the crimes with her son.

There are some Shatta Moms who everyone on the block is afraid of. She likes to quarrel with neighbours and curse them out. She knows that they wouldn’t dare touch her because her son is a known Top Shatta. These are the extreme types. They curse out and even fight with police when they come looking for their son. They go to the media and claim that their son is being unjustly targeted and abused. When their son’s body is at the side of the street motionless they say, “He was no saint but he didn’t deserve this.” They then lash out at how dangerous the city is getting- they say, “Jefferies, Perdomo and the Prime Minister need to do something about this.” She doesn’t take into account how many robberies she and her son committed; how many hits they executed. She doesn’t take into account how many lives she could have saved by reporting her son’s illegal activities instead of enjoying the sweets. Shatta Moms are extremely dangerous and are one of the main causes of violence in Belize. They rob with their sons; they kill with their sons and they end up killing their sons. Operations such as Jaguar could help significantly but if we are ever to control the crime situations we must hope that Shatta Moms change sides.