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Thursday, 15 July 2010 00:00

Irania Rubio, Jorge Alpuche Jr., Janelle Neal and Albert Neal Jr.Traffic flow was interrupted for hours on the Western Highway near mile 29 as a Honda Prelude collided head on into an oncoming tow-head loaded with 25 tonnes of cement. The incident happened at around 7am on Saturday July 10 as the Prelude was heading towards Belize City en route to the airport while the tow-head was heading towards Cayo. The impact was so massive that the tow-head ran completely over the small car flattening it from bumper to bumper. At the end of the collision, the driver of the car, Jose Nunez; passenger 23-year-old Irania Rubio and her three children Janelle Neal, 7; Albert Neal Jr., 6; and Jorge Alpuche Jr., only five months old, died on the spot.

The tow-head’s driver 43-year-old Miguel Chi said, he, accompanied by four other persons, were travelling towards Cayo when he saw the Green Prelude car swerve onto his lane. He explained that he blew his horn three times in order to get the car driver’s attention; however, that was futile and the car came crashing into his tow-head. He says all he could do was to try to swerve out of the car’s path; however, he was unsuccessful and ran completely over the car.

The impact was such that all passengers in the vehicle were mangled. Rubio had been decapitated and all her children received injuries which caused them to lose their limbs.   

Irania Rubio and her children were buried in Cayo on Wednesday July 13.