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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 00:00
Though there were less groups competing this year, the enthusiasm was at an all time high for Carnival 2010. Of course it started with Jouvert. A crowd began to gather at 4 ‘o clock near the roundabout at the entrance of the Northern Highway. Many got out of bed early to strike up the carnival spirit; however, most of them had just left the club and had every intention of continuing the party. The crowd marched through the streets- masked in mud- singing, dancing and enjoying themselves. When it was all over they went home to rest but not before taking a dive in the Caribbean Sea; going down muddy and filthy and coming up fresh and renewed ready for the big celebration scheduled later that day.

The actual carnival road march did not start until shortly after one in the afternoon. Unlike last year, the sky did not shout any threat of rain. The fierce sun made sure that it was the center of attention. Groups began lining up when the sun was at its peak, 12 noon. The organizers did an excellent job to make sure the carnival started on time. The junior group started moving up the Central American Boulevard at 1 p.m. and the senior groups quickly got into formation down the Caesar Ridge Road stretch. The five junior bands led the parade. Those groups included very young children. There were questions about whether or not the children could complete the route; especially since the parade ended at the BTL Park this year. However, carnival veterans said it was basically the same distance because when it ended at the Marion Jones Stadium the groups still had to complete a lap inside the stadium.

The youths also showed that they were more than capable of completing the entire route as they started dancing long before the carnival started and even had energy to show their moves to anyone willing to watch at the BTL Park. However, the road march judging was down throughout the streets and that was were the bands were at their best. When they crossed the Belcan Bridge their legs were still fresh as they danced and jumped up and down. There were four senior bands. These groups did not have the amount of heavy women we have come to love. Many of the women say that they have been working out more this year by participating in dance and aerobics classes. Therefore, this year’s carnival was more a display of physique. There were a few, however, and as always they were the most entertaining. 

After the road march ended, it was time to await the results. In the junior category the winner of the road march and repeating champion was Mahogany Masqueraders followed by Jump Street Posse Carnival Band in second place and then Pickstock Carnival Band in third. Mother Nature’s Creation also defended their crown and retained the title as the best senior carnival band in Belize. Jam Jam Carnival Band and Eternity Mass Band switched positions from last year as Jam Jam came in second this year and Eternity third. Ernestine Carballo was named the winner for the Road March Song of the Year.

Carnival was once again a spectacular event. The committee deserves a lot of respect for their efforts. There is always room for improvement however. One popular demand from carnival enthusiasts is for a new feature that would allow carnival spectators to have a say in the results; either by random polling or text messages. The public awaits the committees comment on that.