Mahung Departs UB – Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis is Acting President Print E-mail
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Thursday, 07 October 2010 00:00

Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis and Dr. Santos MahungFollowing a swirl of allegations of improper accountability and other accusations on the President of the University of Belize, on Thursday September 30, the Office of the Prime Minister announced that a mutually agreed and voluntary termination of the Original Agreement with Dr. Santos Mahung had been arrived at. With that, effective October 1, 2010 Mahung would no longer be president of the University of Belize. Taking his place as acting president of the University will be Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis. She had been the president of the institution from January 2003 to 2007 when Mahung was appointed as her successor in 2007.

Lewis’ appointment comes as a temporary one until a substantive one can be made. In speaking with Chairman of U.B.’s board, Imani Fairweather, she told the Guardian that the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow has indicated that the board can begin the process through which a transparent recruitment exercise for a new president can commence. Under the University of Belize’s Act, the Prime Minister, after consulting with the opposition, made a recommendation to the Governor General for the appointment of a President of the University. In the past, because U.B.’s board has had little input in the selection process of the President, it has led that those selected may not be directly accountable to the Board but rather to the Prime Minister. That, however, is expected to change with the new selection process being put in place.

The selection process with the input from the Board of the University is expected to start shortly with the position expected to be advertised.