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Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:00
I work in the HR Department of a company where my responsibility is to go over employees’ resumes and confirm place or work, high school degrees and college degrees. I have come across resumes with fake places of work and education. That really gets to me because I struggled to go to college to get my degree and there are people who just try and go through life the easy way and lie. I always keep up with my news from Belize and I read about the issue with Ms. Deborah Sewell from the BNE Trust Fund.  I got your email from a source and I thought you would like to post this information in your newspaper. I checked out her profile and looked up her education and I didn’t like what I found.  I will send you my findings and I wrote up on my opinions on this issue below.  You can use whatever I send you in the newspaper to prove my point.

I think there is ignorance on part of the BNE members and the PUP leader who supports the hiring of a misrepresented general manager because she holds a questionable masters degree from Hamilton University. Hamilton University is a diploma mill. A diploma mill is an entity that sells fraudulent educational credentials, such as diplomas and transcripts, without requiring any or an appropriate amount of the work typically required for such academic achievement hence making it an unaccredited school of higher education.

It is expected on the part of the PUP, for it is their common practice to want to support these behaviors, but for a large company like BNE with millions generated from oil and having been in business for many years it should follow the right procedures in the hiring process of any important position. Did the current BNE chairman do any research on Ms. Sewell or any applicant during the hiring process in 2008? Was he aware of her educational background at the time? And regardless did he still hire her if he knew? We know he will deny it, but let’s see if he will still stand behind her after this information about her leaks out.  It is evident that BNE has a lot vested in Mrs. Sewell. If not, why would they be so persistent on renewing her contract? Why would they be so upset to even walk out of a board meeting upon hearing that her position would be advertised to the public? How could a company like BNE have so much interest in a woman who got a masters degree under questionable circumstances? 

It is unfair that Mrs. Sewell has had such a good paying job for two years without a proper degree. She has stolen this job opportunity from other educated Belizeans who are more qualified for the position. Obviously, she would do anything to get a job (even lie about her education) so what wouldn’t she do to keep it. Basically, Sewell’s best interest is not in bettering the country of Belize, but instead, her number one priority is to make the BNE members happy for two years. She is their puppet. BNE uses propaganda to change the perceptions of Belizeans to think that the BNE oil company is solely responsible for the projects funded by the trust, when in fact, GOB is equally responsible for the implementation of these projects.

Sewell is responsible for large payments to media houses to run these propaganda campaigns with no authorization. With the chairmanship now in the government’s term, Sewell’s practices have caught up with her.  The new chairman is trying to do what is best for Belize by requesting checks and balances on the part of Ms. Sewell.  Because of this, the BNE members and Ms. Sewell felt threatened and ran to the same media houses they pay thousands of dollars and demanded for his resignation.

She got a high paying job for the past two years at the cost of the fund without the right qualifications. On top of wanting to be rehired, Ms. Sewell wants a 50% increase in salary and a package of benefits. I think it is quite too much considering she shouldn't have been general manager at all. BNE used the fund as a propaganda scheme so that all the work done seems as though the BNE oil company did it. Why would the fund choose such a name as BNE Trust Fund when it started and agree with a logo similar to their company which definitely shows no partnership with the GOB?  I figure Ms. Sewell was ok with that for sure because she didn’t go to any media houses to say the fund really portrays the BNE oil company only. The trust fund deserves a qualified and trust worthy general manager that does not misrepresent his/her achievements to get the job done.  It is obvious they want to try and slander the current chairman because he wants more checks and balances. 

"No I don't, I really don't because the way that I look at it is really ignorance. I think that people have operated a certain way for a long time and in a lot of different organizations you hear the stories every single day. This is not uncommon, what is uncommon is me saying no…” Deborah Sewell- Channel 7 News.  As I read Ms. Sewell’s accounts online and the chairman’s account, it seems as though the chairman was putting more pressure and rules on her because of the thousands of dollars in payments to advertise the BNE Trust Fund which should be decided by the board (before accepting such large payments).

“The Opposition People’s United Party has demanded an investigation into the BNE allegations.” “The PUP supports the position of the outgoing general manager of the trust that her contract was not renewed because she would not bow to pressure from the chairman, Landy Burns, who is a political aspirant in the Orange Walk East division,” says the Opposition via a press release - Amandala.

 So now you read my perspective on what is the truth behind the BNE trust fund and who the PUP should be issuing a press release to resign. The BNE oil company should ask for the resignation of the current BNE board members and appoint new BNE trust members because instead of creating good publicity for the BNE Trust Fund and the BNE oil company as they intended to, now its creating a negative public image of the BNE oil company and what their employees represent for the company. It also shows to what extent their employees go to hire unqualified people without proper procedures and that would give the impression as if the company has no policies against this.

The three trustees of the Belize Natural Energy Trust have called for the resignation of the chairman of the Trust, Orlando Burns, who did not renew the contract of the general manager, Deborah Sewell, and instead chose to advertise the post. The BNE trustees have walked out in protest and the disbursement of funds has stopped. We don’t know if Burns will resign but the People’s United Party today issued a release, lending support to Sewell.  “The PUP says that Sewell’s contract was not renewed because she would not bow to pressure from the Burns…”- Channel 5 News.

In my opinion, the trust name is only representative of the BNE Oil Company and not the GOB who puts half the money for the funding of projects, even the logo represents only BNE. You should do a street interview with pedestrians and ask them if the name BNE Trust Fund gives them the impression that the GOB and BNE oil company work together to create this fund.

“Of last night's interview BNE Director Kevin Herrera today told us that he has never heard so many blatant lies.” - Channel 7 News 

What the chairman showed on Channel 7 News on October 12 and 13 were all hard facts on paper against the BNE members and the general manager. So I am calling that Kevin Herrera prove what was wrong on these paper facts rather than just calling out phrases which he has not proven. I am asking that you investigate their side and ask them what they think about the facts I have written on this article and if what I am proving to you are true, they should resign and give their post to more reliable and trust worthy members who would not tolerate the actions that these BNE members and Ms. Sewell tolerate. 
I have more updates about the scandalous Ms. Deborah Sewell. It is not the first time Ms. Sewell pulled a publicity stunt and gone to the media to tarnish righteous people. Google Deborah Sewell Yerwood; turmoil is reflected in internal emails you will find the same scenario that she did at BNE trust. The whole article is not there but there are comments on the page about concerned Belizeans over Ms. Sewell’s actions. She tried to smudge the directors of Yerwood on the media when her contract was about to expire and apparently she might not be hired again. It seems that on the article she even claimed that she will be getting a job from her uncle Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize. BUT that is a lie because she is not related to Dean Barrow and we all know she was hired by BNE under the chairmanship of the BNE trustees and not the Government trustees. So it makes me wonder what all have the BNE trustees and Ms. Sewell colluded on and kept confidential from the Government trustees and the people. 
So the PUP and the BNE support the devious woman. These are the people who should never administrate or rule our country. Finally, I would like to add that the October 19 issue of the Amandala has an article addressed from an Irish shareholder to Mr. Burns asking about the transparency and accountability of the BNE oil corporation because as a shareholder he is not even informed about this trust fund and also he has not received dividend or profits from the 700 million collected by BNE. The BNE oil company got a sweet deal from the leader of the PUP John Briceno. I think that Johnny Briceno should never rule this country because he is just giving it away and the people don’t get anything much from his misdeeds. The people of Belize don’t deserve representation from PUP and BNE who support lies, fraud and greed.