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We expect the PUP’s to declare everything they own Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 00:00

pup statements.jpg - 54.55 KbSo the PUP Parliamentarians  showed up in Belmopan on the same day, time and place the BNTU was holding a protest march and rally, that used the same name and theme, the PUP had used for their protest and rally only a few weeks earlier. However what was even funnier was the reason they claimed they were there. According to them they were there to file the declaration of their assets with the Secretary of the Integrity Commission. After hearing that, we had to check our calendar and call a few friends to ask what date it was, because Monday’s PUP sojourn to Belmopan really had us thinking, that it was All Fools Day, April 1st. We later found out that it was actually the anniversary of the signing of the Accommodation Agreement 19th September 2005!

We hope they declared all their assets, for example those MILLIONS their leader spoke about back in 2011 and once again in 2015 . Perhaps the leader himself will finally show us those papers concerning those two cable companies that he promised to show Jules. Another we hope was filed, is who really owns the Former Government Printery and who collects what from whom. Maybe just maybe we will know who owns MY company and SUMA. We hope to know who really owns that building that houses the office of the Fort George Area Representative or who owns those houses by the Fort Point including the one where Tropicolada is or was. Then there is the airport, we need to be shown the money trail

Those thing we have listed are not all the things we expect to see in those declarations. We need to hear of all the secret trusts being held in other people’s names. Maybe we finally get to meet the mother and the SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS BABY whose father and ordinary driver died and left the baby millions. What about those wives and concubines, will they declare their assets too? If this thing is done right, we will take off our hats to these honorable persons. Then their sons, daughters, cousins and other family members, even those five year olds could publish their LAST WILL and TESTAMENT, so that we know who owns what or who. If all these things were not done on Monday then we will have proof that they are just wasting our time and taking us for IDIOTS.

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