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Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:00

picket.jpg - 105.19 KbOn Tuesday of this week Guardian’s Editor Alfonso Noble took the conscious decision to picket the Belize City office of the BNTU. Alfonso who is the father of three teenagers, two of whom are in High school, while the other is in Junior College, has been saying from last week that he would be doing what he did on Tuesday . According to Alfonso he was frustrated that his children were not at school being taught by their teachers as they should be on a regular school day. He mentioned to us and the entire Wave Radio and TV audience that he was prepared to picket even if it meant he had to walk the walk all by himself. Alfonso stated that although he and his wife were able to ensure that their children just don’t sit idle around the house he would prefer to have them in school.

Noble said that although both he and his wife are fairly educated and are competent enough to assist their children with their studies as they have always done for them, they are not teachers. He would however prefer if his children were in school where they are being thought by the professionals that are being handsomely paid to teach them, both by government and the portion he pays. Alfonso stressed that as a Newspaper / Talkshow host he leaves home very early and returns home late in the evenings or night and at times like the day the Guardian is printed early in the mornings . His wife being a stay at home mom shoulders the responsibilities of housekeeper and now teacher for the children in his absence. According to him it is out of necessity that he has been pushed to do his picketing, since this is the time to turn in the various labs and class work that determines how many Overseas Exams a child should take. Payment for those exams become due immediate thereafter.

Some people on both Social Media and Mainstream Media via the talk shows have been trying to make fun at Noble, because only three other persons joined him on the picket line, in the persons of his brother Fortunato, Yellowman and Allan Kelly. However like was said earlier Alfonso was prepared to do it alone. He was however glad to have been joined by the other three gentlemen who like Alfonso are fathers of school aged children. This writer just like Noble supports activism and thinks it is one of the greatest acts one can show to demonstrate patriotism for one’s country. It is right up there with voting and voluntarism, second only to the ultimate sacrifice of dying for ones country. We will respect persons who becomes involved in activism as long as they do so within the limits of the law, they don’t infringe or trample on the rights of others, their cause is just and they are not being mislead by others for selfish or petty vexatious reasons. It is our belief that if more people were to stand up and be counted for valid reasons and causes Belize would become a much better place. We as a people have power but we are lost if we don’t use that power wisely. To those who just stand aside and criticize, we say get involved like Alfonso. We may not like what he or others like him are doing but he has the right and responsibility to do so to defend his children’s right to the education he and the government is paying for!

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