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Thursday, 26 May 2016 00:00

sedi and foreign minister.jpg - 50.00 KbAfter weeks of hyping this supposed trip to the Sarstoon River, on Saturday, the PUP failed to deliver on their promise. In addition to that, the Government has since revoked the 30-day Sarstoon Ban. This means they have also missed their window to try to make a political spectacle of the Government trying to ensure that were not bamboozled by persons trying to politicize an important issue.

The reasons they have given to explain the cancelation of the Sarstoon trip is that the Government supposedly leaned on their hired boat captains and intimidated them into backing out. As usual, instead of being straight with the Belizean public, the PUP have to paint themselves as victims to the big bad government.

As readers know,  in order to travel to the Sarstoon River, persons have to make their way to any community near the Toledo coast line, where they must board boats which travel the Caribbean sea down to the mouth of the Sarstoon. The explanation that the PUP have focused on is that supposedly the Government agencies which license these boat captains had been intimidating them, by saying in no uncertain terms that if they facilitated the PUP trip, their tour guide and boating licenses would be in jeopardy. Where’s the proof of this Government tampering? There is no credibility to such an allegation, and it is a distraction to blame the Barrow Administration.

Also, a simple fix would have been to downsize the trip to accommodate some of the party’s members. If Wil Maheia could make it for 2 trips in 2 days, the PUP could have tried for at least one. A more credible excuse would have been that Opposition Leader John Briceño’s father, Eligio Joe Briceño's, health was failing him and that the doctors advised him to remain by his bed side because the final hours were fast approaching.

The PUP has also filed a lawsuit against the now revoked Sarstoon Statutory Instrument. What a waste of the court’s precious time that will be because as was the suspicion, it no longer matters. But, to save face, they will not discontinue the claim.

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