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Thursday, 31 December 2015 00:00

geovanni brackett.jpg - 165.76 KbAccording to a December, 23rd post appearing on Geovanni Brackett’s Facebook timeline he is in Charlotte North Carolina. Accompanying the post were some pictures of him getting some sort of SUGAR FIX at IHOP. What we saw on the table was a whole lot of starch. IHOP is not known for health food; on the contrary it is known for it’s pancakes, waffles, scones and the likes with plenty of butter and syrups on the side to add to the already rich dishes of eggs ham sausages and other niceties. IHOP is about huge breakfasts all day long. We could also conclude that there was also a lot of rice in his pocket. And by the way we would like to share some advice with our brother Geovanni, that amount of unhealthy food intake and Diabetes don’t mix. It is not that we want to put his business in the streets but it was he who told us about his diabetes during an interview he gave at the time when the gymnasium he goes to was closed down for nonpayment of trade license.

Back to him being out of the country.  Was he not engaged in the Guyana rice issue? Why then was he out of the country at such a crucial time? What about the poor indigent Belizeans whom he wants to get cheaper rice for? Then what about the importer whose noble cause Geovanni was standing up for?

We hope Geovanni was not replaced in the rice attack by heavier hitters such as Sergio. Was his departure of his own free will or was the rug pulled from under him? We hope not, but from the little probing we did, we were told that usually that type of gluttonous eating could stem from depression. One thing we know that is a leading cause of depression is LOOSING ONE’S JOB.  When asked by one of his fans, when would he be back in Belize? His answer was he was that he was not sure. The question must have upset him a bit because he had to reply to his own comment to get it right. The IHOP pictures were not his only post or comment about food. There were others about food and we also saw one with a BLUE colored drink that we hope was non-alcoholic.

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