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Thursday, 31 December 2015 00:00

The year 2015 may go down as the most politically active year in Belize's political history. With 4 elections being held in 2015, it eclipses 1993 and 2003 when 3 elections were held. For the United Democratic Party 2015 may be a year it's members may want to emulate for all times, sort of a training manual. While on the other hand the People's United Party may want to do over 2015. Our old folks always told us not to pick a fight that you know you can't win. For the PUP that was exactly what they did  with the 4 elections in 2015, they picked a fight they could not win. Remember their old battle cry "CALL ELECTIONS NOW"? And every time they chanted that, they started dropping left, right and center. They are even finishing the year without a leader or should we say a leader who is respected.

The Political fortunes of the PUP would have been better served had they sat out those 2015 elections. Their explanation for doing so could have been that the party was sitting out those elections and was retooling to get it's house in order to live to fight another day. That may have been one option while another and maybe the better option would have been to DISBAND the party, there are open holes in the bottom and sides of that sinking ship called the PUP. Or another excuse, although lame, could have been that they did not have money to properly contest an election, we say that would be lame because we all know they have money stashed away in some place and could fly it in like most people suspected they did with the early morning plane in late October. Another even more lame excuse could have been that they were boycotting as a form of protest.  By not contesting the old guard's influence that is destroying the party would have been excommunicated. In effect those bilge-rats would have drowned, allowing those younger PUP members who were not as yet tainted by that hustling cancer, to then emerge and repackage themselves as a NEW and MODERN political party.

For the UDP, 2015 was about moving from strength to strength. We are not gloating  but then again maybe we should gloat. We put in our work. Our Captain the Rt. Hon Dean Oliver Barrow knew where he wanted this ship to go and he steered it in that direction . He was assisted by a strong willing and able crew. All our Crew members took their area of responsibly very seriously and executed those tasks to the liking of the majority of the Belizean voters and that's why we are a back to back to back government . As a mass party we are always on the ready for some sort of election especially since we expect the PUP to start to fall apart and see people walking away from elected office. The work started as soon as the UDP was elected to office in 2008. We went in prepared for the work ahead. Our campaign for the next election started the moment we were elected in '08.  The work you do in government dictates if you will be elected or not. Plant good seeds and reap great fruits. We 3PEATED in the General Election. On the other hand if you plant bad seeds you reap CRAPPY fruits like what the PUP is reaping right now. Some may even go as far as saying they are not reaping crappy fruits they are just reaping CRAP!  They got a 3BEAT in the General Election.