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Thursday, 07 January 2016 00:00

With the January 31st convention date in sight the greasing of palms, scratching, clawing and name calling are now on in earnest. The names of the delegates and the alternates (alternates are called if delegates don’t show up then and alternate votes in that slot) are in. Some camps are now afraid of what may happen to the list between now and convention date, they are afraid that it may be tampered with. So they want certified copies be made available to them, because they don’t trust the people in charge of the process. Some have suggested that the list be held in a safety deposit box and locked up in a bank vault. However there is even a controversy over the actual amount of delegates (voters) that should comprise the list. Some PUP deep throats we spoke to have told us the total amount of persons on the list should be around 2800 while others have said just above 2900. We don’t understand why the discrepancy, but it would not be a PUP operation if there were not a controversy.

This is how we understand they came up with the amount. According to the PUP’s Constitution, and by the way readers would be surprised how many people sent us copies of that, and who the persons were who sent copies. According to article 15 of said PUP Constitution a National Convention should be held around November. However the National Party Council may vary that if circumstances were to arrive that would make holding it at that time difficult. The voting is done by SECRET BALLOTS , by delegates who shall be comprised as the following :- (1) the members of the National Party Council with voting rights (2) one delegate for each 25 votes the PUP candidate received in that Constituency in the General Election immediately preceding that convention. In this case the election of record is the November 4th election. (3) two delegates from standing units of the party other than the chairperson of those units. All delegates will have only one (1) vote. Elsewhere in the Constitution it describes who the members of the National Party Council are and where they derived their vote from. WE STRESSED ON SECRET BALLOTS, because regardless of who pledges to deliver which block, it is up to the individual voter to vote for whom they want to vote for.

Fonseca has gotten pledges from the various constituencies starting with his own Freetown, where he Francis received a total of 1,730 votes and will be sending 69 delegates to the convention. He is said to have the support of Cayo North East, Orlando Habet, who received a total of 2,217 votes and as such has 89 delegates. Cayo North, Michel Chebat with a total of 2,515 votes that equals 101 delegates, Cayo South, Julius Espat who received a total of 3,008 votes and has 120 delegates, Cayo West, Lesbia Guerra Cocom who received a total of 2,006 votes and will be taking 80 delegates, and Toledo West, Oscar Requena who polled 3,173 votes and is sending 127 delegates. Francis also gets another 10 votes by virtue of him being leader. Something we think is unfair because the others don’t get the chance to appoint 10 delegates. It is our belief that that section should have only applied where the previous leader is not contesting the leadership position. With those numbers Francis would have about 1100 or so votes.

Our sources indicate that Johnny has the support of eight constituency chairmen in the Northern Caucus. The breakdown is as follows: In his constituency Briceno received a total of 2710 votes and will be sending a total of 108 delegates to the convention. From Orange Walk South’s Jose Abelardo Mai, who received a total of 2,920, has 117 delegates to vote at the convention. Orange Walk North, Ramon Cervantes Jr., who received 3062 votes, will send a total of 123 delegates.

Josue Carballo received 2,453 votes in Orange Walk East and will send 98 delegates. Corozal North, David Castillo, received 2,560 votes will send a total of 102 delegates, Ramiro Ramirez got a total of 2,292 votes and will send 92 delegates to the convention and lastly Corozal Bay, Gregorio Garcia with a total of 2,360 votes will take 94 delegates to the convention.  Corozal Southeast’s Florencio Marin who received 2,729 votes will send 109 delegates to vote at the convention. Corozal Southeast did not nominate Johnny originally, but it seemed Gigante asked his parents what to do and was told to stay with the North. The only constituencies outside of the northern ones that we have heard are in Johnny’s camp so far is Belize Rural North ,they take 71 delegates to the convention . We have also heard that Belize Rural South may be leaning towards Johnny’s camp, they have 95 delegates.   That would put Johnny around 1000 votes.

Cordel Hyde numbers look like this. In Lake I, he received 3,124 votes and is taking a total of 125 delegates to the convention. Reports are he has the support of Pickstock, Francis Smith with a total of 43 delegates, Albert Division, Paul Thompson who had a total of 892 votes sends 36 delegates, Port Loyola, Gilroy Usher Sr., with a total of 1342 votes is sending 54 delegates and Cayo Central, Daniel Silva, who received a total of 3,036 votes at the last general elections and is sending a total of 121 delegates to the convention. Cordel would have about 400 votes.

The above pledges would only account for a little under 2500 delegates and leaves around 400 or more delegates unaccounted for depending on whose numbers one may be using . Included in the 400 would be the following: Collet 39, Mesopotamia 18, Queen Square 19, Fort George 50, Caribbean Shores 71, plus 200 delegates coming from the standing units of the party . Those delegates would play a roll if the others were to go where they have been pledged . It would seem like it is a neck and neck race between Francis and Johnny, with Francis having a slight edge at this point. That would bring us to the Cordel effect, both he and Johnny don’t want Francis to be the Leader so the logical thing would be for Cordel to throw his 400 or so supporters behind Johnny and let Francis and Johnny battle for those none committed delegates. This convention will take grease and that grease is in both Francis and Johnny’s corner. We have no doubt that both corners will be sending grease $$$$$$ towards Cordel and others whom they think their hands may be dried and cracked from not being OILED since 2008. In this race to January 31st there is no sure thing. This is about brother against brother, father against son cousin against cousin. No love is lost in this one. Blood is not thicker than water in this. Money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL, applies here.Who may be in bed with you tonight may get up in the morning in a completely different bed. It’s about $$$$$$$ . So let the horse trading begin!