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Thursday, 07 January 2016 00:00

Crime infested areas in Roaring Creek Village have been cleared thanks to team effort. A parcel of land in Roaring Creek measuring 2 acres was cleared by inmates of Kolbe Foundation on Wednesday of last week. It was done after Officer Commanding of Belmopan police, Howell Gillett, became concerned that criminals were finding refuge in the high bush.

Chief Executive Officer of Prison Virjilio Murillo made it possible for the inmates to work in Roaring Creek last week. His countryman, the Mayor of Belmopan, Khalid Belisle, provided both food and drinks for the inmates; even though that section of Belmopan is not within his jurisdiction as it relates to the City Council. Mayor Belisle nonetheless assisted,  as much of the crime that affects Belmopan City has to do with activities in neighboring Roaring Creek. Inmates were able to clear much of the high bush and even killed a large snake from therein.

Just last week, Ari Vanzie, a  19 year old Belizean farmer was riding on the Progress Avenue Area near the football field in Roaring Creek Village when he saw two male persons both dressed in full black with a black mask over their head. One of the male persons was about 5 feet and the other about 4 feet 8 inches in height, both of whom jumped out of the high bushes. The taller man had what appeared to be a shotgun and the shorter one had what appeared to be a 9mm pistol. While Ari Vanzie was able to flee from both of these strangers, his grey 3/4 Dickies pant was left with a bullet hole on it. Roaring Creek Police officers visited the scene where a total of (9) 9mm Aguila brand expended shells, and (2) red 12 gauge Aguila expended cartridges were recovered.

Residents from Roaring Creek can now benefit from a clearer horizon and a safer community thanks to the team effort from many partners’. However; absentee landowners, who leave their lots to grow with high bush cannot also be spared and must rise to their responsibility.