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Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

In the 1960’s a well known group THE PRETENDERS did a song named  “Thin line Between Love And Hate “ That song and the name of the group could now apply to the People’s United Party. There is only one change  that needs to be made. The name of the song must be changed to “NO Line Between Love And Hate”.

How could the members of that party have loved all it’s members so much just over two months ago, only to turn around to hate each other so much NOW? They must be the Pretenders indeed. This love / hate Facebook quarrel in the P.U.P is vicious and the Wassas and Bembes are not all women. It is mostly MEN playing the rolls as Wassa-women and Bembe-gyal. Sure there are a few women involved, but not too many. One woman whose name has been singled out for special attention is Kaila the puzzle lady. Apparently she supports Francis for leader and has taken to Facebook to campaign for him as is her right. Well that has not gone down well with some Johnny/Cordel supporters who are now calling her all sorts of names including CRAZY and PSYCHO. 

Apparently she posted on Facebook that if Francis were to loose on convention day then she would no longer be a PUP. That must have been why one Eduardo Santos got into the fray and  posted this  about Kaila and we quote directly from Facebook:-

“While people like Mike are astute in their observations, we cannot say the same about others who are trapped in a time warp and do not even know their real name. Poor Kaila, when will you realize that nobody have faith in Francis again. Time fi dust off the cobweb and do some serious spring cleaning” He was then followed by one Apathy Belize who wrote this:- “Yes poor Kaila who has to have solo pajama parties cause everyone is so freaked out she is a closet psycho they are too scared to party with her.”

Eduardo Santos followed that post with this :- “There are treatment for that but Rockview close down so maybe we can ask that it be reopened as a worthy cause so that she may be saved from herself because I do believe she may end up hurting herself when her beloved Francis bite the dust!!! “

We don’t care if Kaila is the most CRAZY person in the world one does not do that to one of their own. Take a look on this side and do it to one of us if you must chide someone, but don’t belittle her for supporting Francis she has the right to do so. Nobody on that side worried if she was crazy when she faithfully sat in the galleries at every house meeting supporting every P.U.P politician from 2008 to now. At times we on this side felt that she was being used by her party for obvious reasons.They took advantage of her using her to attack people. We have seen some of the things she has posted about people on Facebook. Some of those things were vile and may indeed be the product of a deranged mind but when she did so she had a cheering squad comprised of some of those very persons who now try to belittle her. They knew who they were using way back then.

By the way Micah when you spoke to the media on Saturday and referred to a person who posted something about your candidate’s personal life on Facebook as being some sort of crazy woman who needs psychological help, even though you did not call her name, we understood who you were speaking of because of the particular post you were responding to based on the question you were asked. Try not to get caught into the personal issues. We must be very careful when we refer to people’s mental condition. Often times when we do that, some of us may be playing very close to home by calling people crazy. Many of us have a family member or two or even more who may be CRAZY or at least not playing with a full deck. Many of you in the P.U.P. have sat by and were happy when the lady said some of the most outrageous things about members of the U. D. P. We hope that her sister Rhenae will come to her defense by using that sharp tongue of hers to put the offenders in check. Kaila though appears not to be waiting for help to strike back. In one of her most recent posts she referred to a Makala Gooding as a person who must check his brain into a morgue because his brain died a long time ago. We gathered that she may be confused with names.