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Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

Pig fights by nature are very dirty. These fights usually take place in mud. That mud may not just be mud as we know mud to be. It may be a mixture of the natural soil; pig slop and pig excrement. Any which way we know it has a foul smell. That smell is left on the participants. When pigs fight the fights are never fair. These pigs use every dirty trick in the books and will stop at nothing to win.

What we now are witnessing in the P. U. P is nothing short of s glorified pig-fight. The combatants appears to have thrown caution to the wind and have decided that anything goes. There are no rules in this fight. Old and young HOGS who may have been standing on the side have been dragged into the mud, even old and young SOWS have not been spared. This is a full range war and all members of the SUIDAE clan will be heard from. It is probably best that this fight is taking place after Christmas or we would not have any ham.

The name calling, biting, tugging of tails and butting has been on the rise and as the January 31st, date of the championship finally draws nearer things can only get worse. The three pigs who plan to decide who will become CHAMPION PIG on the final day have apparently hired pigs of lesser stature to do fighting in these preliminary rounds, while they stay in the back and direct traffic.

One set of pigs from  Francis’ pen have reported that it was the prime pig Johnny who had lead the most revered pig named George to the slaughter almost 20 years before . They even had a letter in which they claimed Johnny gave George directions to the slaughter house.

They felt they had to remind the others because Johnny was trying to gain favors by showing pictures of him and George during happier days.  Johnny’s camp countered that by saying that the letter was a fake and it was the act of a crazy mind that came up with that.

The pigs from Cordel’s pen joined Johnny’s pigs in the same chant. No sooner did they do that, that the voice of a sow from Francis’ pen was heard. That SOW had been brought by a hog named JA to shout that Cordel should be the last to talk about unity and start think about all the sows he had impregnated around the pens, and he must first try to unite them. A young hog named Micah from Cordel’s pen was quick to shout that the sow from Belmopan was crazy. The sow not wanting to appear partial towards Johnny also made some remarks about Johnny’s father being a convicted drug dealer. One of Johnny’s pigs countered by saying they needed to get rid of the SYPHILIS that has plagued the P.U.P for 50 years. We take that to mean those old pigs aka the old guard. One thing we know holds true is that Johnny’s is in the pig fight, both he and Cordel’s pigs are of the opinion the pig named Francis has not been protecting them since 2003 and have caused many an unsuspecting pig to  been slaughtered . We have been informed that the names of the three champion HOGS may be changed to Francine, Juanita and Cordelia, because their actions as present is more in keeping in line with the behavior of SOWS.