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Written by By Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 21 January 2016 00:00

The People’s United Party’s national convention is two days after the movie “50 Shades of Black” debuts in theatres across the world. Appropriate because it has long been established that the most charismatic candidate in the leadership race of the party is at least that many shades too black to even mount a serious challenge against the other two challengers. Both Francis Fonseca and John Briceno are already proven losers. They have both had a chance to lead the PUP and both have failed miserably. Even worse, both of them have already resigned from the job after realizing they were not up to the challenge. Despite these individual’s poor public service and leadership record, they are the only candidates with a chance to win. For Cordel Hyde, the die has been cast – not dye – and there will be no dark horse in this race. Even those close to Cordel’s camp admit that the chance of victory for him are somewhere between zero and nil. Why then is he running such a laborious campaign?

The greater the coalition Cordel builds the better the exit package. Cordel Hyde can serve as one of two things in this leadership race, a spoiler or an ally. Francis Fonseca has the lead in delegates at this point based on endorsement but he does not have enough to be declared victor. John Briceno has the second most delegates and trails Fonseca by a significant margin but he is not mathematically eliminated from the race as yet since Fonseca has not reached the treshhold. The delegates that are attracted to Hyde are controlled by Standard Bearers who wants the party to go in a new direction. This is the caucus for change. If Cordel stays in the race and these delegates vote for him then he will spoil Briceno’s chances of catching up to and edging out Fonseca. Therefore he will serve as a spoiler for Fonseca. If Cordel Hyde decides to step out of the race or stay in and encourage his supporters to vote for the next closest thing to a change candidate then Briceno will be able to edge out a victory. Therefore, he will serve as an ally for Briceno.

The Fonseca and Briceno camps are well aware of the impact Hyde will have on the race. The incentives for him to act as a spoiler or an ally will be great. The only candidate in this leadership race that has no chance of winning is also the only person in the race who cannot lose. The only question left to answer is how much money Fonseca and Briceno are prepared to hand over for a chance to be Prime Minister of Belize. Low balling it, the bidding should start in the high six figures. If Cordel continues to build support among delegates leaning towards a change candidate then the price could go as high as that bribe allegedly given to Briceno for an oil concession contract, US$1.5 million.

On February 1, one man will be relieved, one man will be crushed and one man will be smiling at the bank. We already know who will be smiling. Sugar and cream behind the Zinc Fence.