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Thursday, 21 January 2016 00:00

Before Friday, January 15, 2016 most of us Belizeans and certainly us over this side of the political spectrum, would have sworn that the one thing that UNITES all People’s United Party members as one was their complete adoration and reverence for George Price. That however appears to have been thrown out the door as soon as the present leadership convention was called.

As usual on January 15, every year since his death, a short wreath laying ceremony, is held at his grave site, to mark George Price’s birthday and thus pay respect to his memory. At this event, prayers are said, a few speeches are given and a few wreaths are then placed on his tomb at the conclusion of the National Anthem which is sung, pleasantries are exchanged  by those present. They would then leave the cemetery usually charged up and unified. As if though they had just lifted a PUP Love Fest.

Those who would be present for the event, would be the PUP Party  Leader, Chairman, Party Officials including most if not all the Political Officers of the party, such as those elected officials and candidates and the chairpersons of the various standing committees of the party. They would be joined by members of the Price family and of course the members of his larger family being the ordinary men and women of the PEACEFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE REVOLUTION. To make it a solemn occasion, a Catholic Priest and if we are not mistaken, that Priest has always been Rev. Noel Leslie, says a prayer and speaks a few words. There are also a few students from nearby schools in the area who attend and take part.

This year things did not flow as smoothly as normal. From what we saw on the television Johnny Briceño and those persons who support him in his leadership bid were not in any of the images we saw. We can’t say for sure whether Johnny and his supporters of were there. The images we saw came from the PUP television coverage and as we said before he or his people were not in those images. Who we did see was Cordel standing three rows BEHIND Francis  When one looks at the television footage, he is seen standing to the right of Francis and directly behind Mike Espat and beside Chubby. It seems even Bill Lindo and Don Hecto got better line up positions than him as they stood one in front of the other directly in front of Mike Espat. It was as though no one wanted Cordel there and he sneaked in as an uninvited guest.

If they can’t even be civil towards each other at such a solemn event then how can the General Membership of that party expect for there to be any semblance of cooperation after the convention. We say what we saw on display on Friday was only a sneak peak of what life inside the PUP is going to be after January 31, 2016. It looks like it will be cold as ICE in the PUP camp. Daggers, swords, spears and Machetes are being sharpened for the a long never ending war.