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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

glenn tillett.jpg - 42.88 KbNo sooner had we heard of the plans for a PUP Leadership Debate than we became convinced that it was not going to happen. The idea of a debate amongst persons vying for high office is a great one, but the concept and organization of such debates must come from and be done by persons with visible credibility and not by persons whose credibility may be called into question. For avoidance of any doubt we will present the resumes of the persons who were in charge of the now scuttled debate.

Alberto Vellos who writes that rag called Belize Times, was the person whose idea was to have the debate. We know of the outlandish things that the Belize Times has published since he has been it’s Editor. The organizers were Glenn Tillett who is friendly with Jack Daniels. Glenn was the very same person who came up with the poll that showed  PUP winning the last General Election. He was joined by another friend of Jack Daniels, he is Jose Coye who is known as the Land Hog. That is a name he earned during the Put Put land scandal and was conferred when his name came up in the UB Land scandal. Another organizer is Carolyn Trench-Sandiford. She is the person who promised to build us a Satellite City but instead gave us a village at the cost of almost 100 million dollars. The final organizer was Major Lloyd Jones, who was once a member of the G-11 but later on he changed sides. In the military such a person is declared a TRAITOR, right Major? Readers you can draw your own conclusion on the characters of those persons.

Another reason why we knew the debate wouldn’t happen was because at least two of the candidates knew they were being set up. Having the debate so close to convention date would take away from valuable and much needed campaign time. If a candidate was to have a less of a stellar performance at the debate there would not be enough time in the ensuing days to turn around the negative effects from such a performance. Then the biggest danger would have been the possibly of an ambush coming from person who would be using the debate to promote the other candidate. The effects of such an ambush would be irreparable.

However the biggest flaw with the format of the debate was the question for the debaters. The debaters would have been given the questions before the debate. That is sort of like giving the not so smart student the Exam Papers to take home to do their test . Now all the student would have to do is to have a smarter sibling or parent do the exam for them and the turn it in as if though they had done it themselves . Now we all know who that would have favored to have someone give them the answers. There is one of the candidate who is not a public speaker. And debate is about good oral presentations and knowledge of subject being debated. It is not that we are saying that the other two candidates are any great ORATORS or Einstein either because they too fall short.

Any person who aspires to become the Leader of any mass party, has much higher aspirations, that is to become the Prime Minister when the next General Election is held. As such that person must be able to answer questions on current affairs and things dealing with management and such matters upon demand. There are no advance warnings as to when a crisis may occur and any potential leader must be in the loop, able to react as if though it were the normal course of operating. There is no downtime in leadership.

Low and behold on Tuesday word started to go out that the PUP Debate wouldn’t occur, just as we had anticipated. PUP can’t ever surprise us, we know how they operate and always know exactly where they are going even before they themselves know. The only debate they are good at is the scandalous one that is occurring on social media. They are very good at name calling and finger pointing and are very honest and adept at that too because they have the dirt on each other to spread and spread very thick layers at that too. We await the winner or should we say looser of this convention, because whomever that person is, the outcome is the same, VICTORY for the UDP!

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