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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

A European man, who claims that his name is Martin Musikant, was jailed by the Orange Walk Magistrate until Belizean law enforcement can determine if he is or isn’t an international fugitive who is wanted by Interpol and by the USA.

If indeed he is a fugitive, it may end up being beneficial to attorney Marcel Cardona, since the very embarrassing ethical complaint against him to the General Legal Council involved this man.

Orange Walk police reportedly picked him up on the Belize Corozal Road after he was acting suspicious. The officers immediately tried to find out who he was, and because of his unusual accent, they reportedly asked him to produce his passport or any other immigration documents. When he couldn’t they detained him, and police and the Immigration Department started to investigate him. In very short measure, they found out that he had been charged before for illegal possession of a Czech Republic passport which was reportedly stolen. That was in April of 2013, and their records show that he was also charged with escaping from police, and when he was taken before the sitting Magistrate at that time, he was ordered to be removed from the country. That’s an order of deportation, and according to police, he should not have been in Belize.

So, when he was interrogated, he told the officers that he entered the country in December of 2015 by flying from Germany to Mexico, and then passing through the Belize Mexico Border. Checks at the border reveal that there is no record that he ever entered there, and he claims that he left his stamped passport at a hotel in Belize City. A check with Interpol says that the passport he was once using belongs to Petr Moneth, and that some degree of forgery was used to get his photograph into the document.

He was arrested and charged with the immigration offences of failing to produce his travel documents, and failing to present himself to an immigration officer. That second charge means that the Immigration Department is accusing him of entering the country through an illegal border crossing, since they have no record of him entering through legitimate means.

On Tuesday, January 26, he was was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on both offences, to which he pleaded guilty. His attorney Yohannseh Cave, asked Magistrate Merlene Moody to impose a fine, and for him to then be released so that he can travel to Mexico and visit the Embassy of the Czech Republic in that country. The Immigration Officer in charge of the case submitted that he still has a lot of questions to answer to law enforcement here in Belize. That officer asked the court to remand so that an investigation can be carried out on him, since there are suggestions that he may be a wanted fugitive. Magistrate Moody, after consideration, sentenced him to 6 months in prison for each charge, and the sentences are to run concurrently.

Should the investigation into Musikant’s background show that he is indeed a fugitive, it benefits attorney Marcel Cardona. Readers may remember that in 2013, a complaint from Musikant’s mother, a Czechoslovakian woman named Hana Belickova, accused Cardona of acting unethically as an officer of the court. Cardona was contracted as Musikant’s attorney back in April of 2013, when the police first arrested him. Cardona had to battle for his reputation amongst his peers and the general public. So, if Muzikant is found to be an accused criminal wanted by Interpol, it chips away at the credibility of the accusation against Marcel Cardona, who has never had any such complaint made against him before. A confirmation that he’s a fugitive would mean that Musikant is associated with dishonesty in the past.