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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

People have begun to dub, Yhonny Rosado as la Llorona. Any Belizean who knows the folkloric figure of la Llorona knows that this is a woman who is found at night crying near a body of water, her actions follow after she had drowned her children and is supposedly mourning their loss. The mythical figure's call to fame is that she is always crying after having done wrong hence the name La Llorona which translated from Spanish means the crying woman.

Well that is an appropriate description for Yhonny. There have been at least two occasions on television where he has been recorded on local news crying his eyes out. On every occasion it has been because he was complaining about some of his competitors and how he was being unfairly treated. Instead of taking care of his business, Rosado minds other people's business and then when his business is unsuccessful he calls on the media and complains and cries- la Llorona.

Here is where La Llorona finds himself again, last week he was again attacking his competitor, Dark Night tours which operates a cave tubing operation similar to what Rosado operates. In fairness he did not cry when he appeared on the news this time around when he ranted and raged about Dark Night. Rosado instead of taking care of his business and seeing that everything was in order chose to mind the operations of Dark Night and carried on and on about how the business should not be allowed to operate. Low and behold on Tuesday, of this week, special constables, the enforcement arm of the Belize City Council visited another of Rosado's businesses on the Phillip Goldson highway at mile 2 and a half miles where they informed Rosado that Econo Tires was operating illegally.

The background to the story is that by his own admission Rosado had registered the business in May of 2015 and shortly thereafter began to operate. He did not have a trade license to operate. We are reliably informed that the Belize City Council on numerous occasions had visited the establishment to inform him that he needed a trade license. Being a businessman this is something that he should have known but for at least 7 months opted to ignore. Instead of abiding by the law he chose to give the City Council the run around and remained in operation without a trade license.

It was not until December 18th of last year that he finally decided to pay a $150 dollar fee in order for the trade license committee to meet outside of their regular quarterly meeting in order to consider Rosado's and any other business that needed  to be reviewed and granted a license. That meeting has not take place and Rosado remains incompliant, meaning he still does not have a trade license. This is in clear breach of the law. While everyone saw him on the evening news claiming that it was some form of victimization the reality is that he is breaking the law and has been doing so from May of last year. The council could have fined him 5 hundred dollars and prohibited from doing business for at least two years. Rosado of course did not tell the media this.

We have also independently verified that there are a number of other businesses that were closed down by the City Council for similar breach of the law but the owners of these establishments understand that you need to be compliant with the law in order to operate. The only one who does not understand this is La Llorona.