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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

francis fonseca.jpg - 86.53 KbMany years ago before the deep water port was built in Port Loyola, imported goods were brought onshore by barges, those goods were then landed and stored at the customs warehouses known as Queen’s Bonded Warehouse, at the same location where the Tourist Village is now located. After those goods were cleared they made their way to their owners, mostly stores and shops. The goods were mostly transported by either mule and cart, a few Bedford or Austin trucks or bicycle-carts. The bicycle-carts were used for hauling the smaller goods and also to transport household goods to homes around what was known as Belize Town at the time.

Most of those transports had names, usually the names were catchy and either related to a product, the name or nickname of a person or some part of our rich and colorful culture. There was this one popular bicycle-cart named BORN TO LOOSE. It must have been named so after a very popular song at the time, that was recorded by Ray Charles. The actual name of the song was “Born to lose”.  Like with many other things the word LOSE was changed to LOOSE to get a completely different meaning. The gentleman that owned the bicycle-cart was no looser or loser though, quite the opposite he earned good money by the standards back then.

A few years ago a few men who must have been pranksters, took part in the La Ruta Maya River Challenge and they named their Canoe by the same name BORN TO LOOSE. Their gamble paid off because from day one of the race they became the favorite of both media and fans alike and they had a good measure of success. Come to think of it that was around the same time Francis Fonseca was leading the PUP into the first of many losses under his leadership. Francis must have known the bicycle-cart which is now his namesake “BORN TO LOOSE” because he grew up in the Fort George area, the same area where the bicycle-cart made its daily run and gained notoriety.

Unlike the bicycle-cart, Francis is not famous for gaining anything. Francis is now infamous for losing every election for his party with him as Leader. First he lead a PUP that prior to him becoming leader, appeared to have been on a rebound, to election defeats in 2012 at both the General Elections and the Municipal Elections. He followed those up with massive losses in the 2013 Village Council Elections. Then even the seats he had won for his party in 2012 he could not hold on to as his machinations caused two resignations thus losing those seats in bi-elections held in January and July of 2015. Sandwiched between those bi-election losses was the Municipal Elections loss in March of last year where he went from having control of three municipalities to have only one split town board under his control. Francis topped those losses off with the loss of the 2015 November Election.

On Sunday a much better financed Francis led a slate of five into internal elections within his party and guess what? he and his whole slate lost, but much more than that Francis lost his seat as LEADER OF THE PUP. Before the Sunday elections his boast and that of his team was that he was supported by seven other elected Area Representatives and fifteen standard bearers along with their delegates plus the majority of the delegates coming from the party’s standing committees. Those numbers along with the money that was spent both on the formal and informal campaign plus the smear campaign that was carried out by his supporters on social media should have carried him over the hump very comfortably, but something happened on Sunday that caused a massive swing and sure enough Francis lived up to his name BORN TO LOOSE. He and his team lost and lost badly. If it were a Baseball game Francis and his slate would had been on the losing end of a perfect game. Five up five down and all of them were struckout 

.........There’s no use to dream of happiness
All I see is only loneliness
All my life I’ve always been so blue
Born to lose and now I’m losing you
Born to lose and now I’m losing you.

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