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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

At 10:15pm on Sunday night John Briceño was officially declared as the new Leader of the People’s United Party. Joining him in the victory was the returning Chairman Henry Charles Usher, new Deputy Leader for the South Rodwell Ferguson, new Deputy Leader for the North Jose Abelardo Mai and new Communications Director Anthony Mahler. The elections results were not really close as indicated by the numbers. There are some very revealing things that are glaring about the results though. The major one being that Francis who lost in a three way race for leader lost by 208 votes. The 208 is 5 votes less than the 213 delegates who did not vote. So the question is had they voted would Francis have won?

Let’s take a closer look at the actual numbers to see how the various candidates did. There were 2971 eligible delegates of which 2758 voted. There were 213 delegates who did not vote. Below is the way the numbers played out.

John Breceño :- 1,125
Francis Fonseca:- 918
Cordel Hyde 673
Deputy Leader (South)
Rodwell Ferguson:- 1,558
Michael Espat:- 1,044
Deputy Leader (North)
Jose Abelardo Mai:- 1,342
Florencio Marin Jr.:- 1,246
Party Chairman
Henry Charles Usher:- 1,444
Oscar Requena:- 1,162
Communications Director
Anthony Mahler :- 1,485
Dolores Balderamos Garcia:- 1,103.

As indicated prior, Francis’ numbers were telling because he polled 121, 185, 244 and 328 less than the others on his slate, in an election where the same number of delegates voted for all the positions being contested. On his team he was DEAD LAST and from the entire field of eleven candidates he was SECOND to LAST. He was beaten by the persons on the other slate by no less than 200 votes in one case, over 400 in three other cases, over 500 in another instance, but the biggest margin was by 640 by the newest PUP Champion Rodwell Ferguson.

Rodwell it seems is the most liked or qualified man in the PUP. While on the other hand it appears that Francis is the most disliked or unqualified man in the PUP. With Rodwell as Deputy Leader the PUP may be venturing into new territory. Could it be possible that if they were to win and Johnny and all the other deputies lost, then Rodwell would become our Prime Minister? We don’t even want to imagine the thought of him being our Prime Minister for not even a day. The thought of Francis being our Prime Minister is horrible enough but now Rodoh is like a different level of horror.