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Written by By Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:00

louis wade.jpg - 40.51 KbThe resource stressed Plus Television is having more difficulty staying on air after its owner, Louis Wade, applied for the wrong broadcasting license, according to the Belize Broadcasting Authority.

Wade applied to the BBA for an On Air Broadcasting License but the regulatory body says this was an error on his part. On air broadcasts are those that can be accessed without cable, like Channel 5 and 7. These media houses have a wider audience due to the ease of access; therefore, they can charge more for advertisement. Passing itself off as an on air broadcasting station is a deceitful act by a cash-strapped media house trying to increase advertising revenue.   

The Belize Broadcasting Authority rejected Wade’s application and returned his money sent for the license. In a letter dated February 4, the BBA scolded Wade, “you have applied to have your on-air broadcasting license renewed for the year 2016, despite the fact that Plus Television is not broadcasting over the air. Therefore, the Board cannot approve the renewal of your on-air licenses.” The Board of Directors of the BBA recommended that Wade apply for a Cablecasting License, which is more suitable for the type of service he currently provides.

Wade told the Guardian Newspaper that he believes the BBA made a “genuine mistake in its decision”. Plus TV wrote to the BBA explaining that they have been providing open air service to residents in the Belmopan area for years on Channel 21. Furthermore, he says it is a license they have had for years and he hopes that the situation is rectified quickly.

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