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Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:00

Dangriga, Wednesday February 10th 2016
If you have lived in Dangriga or visited for the past 25 years, you would know by now that Dangriga has created some of the most formidable and well respected football franchises throughout the country; but have never had a reasonably adequate facility for these franchises to call home.  Quite often and for the most part, ‘Griga based teams travelled further south to Independence for home games when the facility was unavailable to host home games. That trend will end in the not so distant future with the upgrade of what will be one of the best football stadia across Belize, the Carl Ramos Stadium.  A team of engineers and advisers from the Belize National Sports Council along with Team Frank Papa Mena campaign chairman Clifford “Boss P” Peters and Mrs. Sharon Williams, visited the work in progress at the stadium on Tuesday October 6th and were quite pleased.  Project Director Ms. Christy Mastry toured the facility and told us,“We are very pleased with the work, matter of fact we are pleased with the work and the speed at which this project is being completed. The workmanship is excellent and for that we are thankful. It will be a conversation piece when completed.” 

The work is all a part of infrastructure development and providing well needed employment for Dangriga and its citizens.  The upgrade of the Carl Ramos Stadium intends to inject a game changing fan experience for one and all. “We know that creating the ultimate fan experience means meeting fans where they are, providing them with the platform to interact in a seamless way, and introducing them to new offerings that exceed expectations,” said Sharon Williams Stann Creek Sports Council Chairwoman.  Williams went on to say that the government and the sports council understands the commitment they are making to the fans and will help to reset the bar in terms of fan experience and sustainability for sports