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Friday, 19 February 2016 00:00

Following up on his appearance last week on the Love FM Radio and Television Morning Talkshow, the brand NEW/OLD People’s United Party Leader made his way over to Belmopan to the PUP Plus TV station for what appeared to have been a rehearsed interview conducted by the Preacher and the Drunk . The questions were not only weak but every so often it appeared as if it was the interviewee leading the discussion and not the other way around as it should have been. At times it appeared as if the PUP Leader was looking down and getting his cue from a card or something that appeared to have been hidden from the camera by a Coffee mug placed on the table.

For the hour and a half that Johnny spoke he did not say anything that would convince us that the PUP he is leading will be any different from the one that was lead by Said or Francis. Johnny, it appears, is afraid to overturn the Apple-cart even while in opposition so how can we expect any different if he were ever the Prime Minister of this country. Was that not what he, the G-12 and G-7 before were all about? Did they not on those occasions suggest that they must get rid of the Cancer a.k.a. the Old guard that was plaguing the party for Donkey’s years? So why is he still willing to work with these same persons? Were these not the same persons he referred to as CROOKS or persons who made millions when last the party was in government? 

However he did say a few things during the interview that we need to mention. Firstly he said that he went to see Julius, one of his harshest critics before and during the convention. He said he told Julius they are all PUP so they should put the past behind them. We take that to mean that even though the things that were said were true it does not come before getting a chance to get back in government. The next thing he said was that he will appoint some female senators and admitted that they needed to do that to make up for the fact that they failed to elect  even ONE SINGLE woman to their party’s national executive. He then said that he will carve out a special spot for his friend Cordel, to suit Cordel as a huge national figure in the party. We take that to mean either there will be a new Deputy Leader added to the already long list or poor Rodwel will be asked to step down to make space for Cordel, because he dares not ask Julius, Kareem or even Mai to do so.

The biggest revelation of the day was when he said he had stepped down in 2012 because he wanted to give a fighting chance to a new leader who the party would have confidence in and willing to work with. We need to ask, was it not just a year ago that he was recorded saying that the reason he had resigned was because he was tired of their backstabbing ways? This is not the first time he has given a different reason for resigning though, remember first he said he was sick. He may be sick indeed, he may have a split tongue.